Helen describes the Judge’s good soul progression.

May 6th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well sweetheart, you received quite a long letter from the Judge, and also a most eloquent and truthful one. He has told you the true conditions of his coming to us and of his subsequent experiences. I told you the other night that I wanted him to tell you his own story, and tonight I made conditions favorable for him to do so. You will find much food for thought in what he has written; and coming from one who has so recently left you, I have no doubt it will have its impression on you and his other friends.

He is now progressing, and very soon, I think, he will have so much of this love that he will progress to the third sphere. His Rose is with him so much and her love for him is so pure and true that he will necessarily feel that the greater love of the Father is his if he will only pray and believe. We are all trying to help him, and he in certain ways, is like a little child. He is very susceptible to our teachings and to the influence of love, and because of that condition of his mind I think that his progress will be rapid. He loves his Rose and thinks that her word is his gospel – and well he may, for her advice comes from a heart that is full of love for him, and also filled with the love of the Father. He is a very blessed spirit.

Well, sweetheart, you are tired and must stop or you may feel the effects of the strain.

Question by Mr. Padgett and answer:

Yes, I was here and I think he is what you would call a little off. His ideas as to his being the six before the six is all wrong. He will never be the leader of the Bahais or any other sect of religionists. He is too material for that, and as for his being the greatest man in the nation, why that is far beyond absurdity.

Yes, I can and I will for it may do him good to know that he has someone in all the wide universe who loves him. He needs love more than anyone that I have seen for a long time. I mean among mortals.

So I will try to find her and let you know later. So with all my love I am your own true loving,