Helen helps comfort a mortal friend who has just passed over into Spirit.

January 27th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Yes, we will try – You are in a better condition than you were tonight, at the office, and I will be able to write in a more connected manner. Well, I was present when Jen passed over, and took her in my arms and carried her to a place in the earth plane where she will live until she progresses to a higher sphere – She was very glad to see me for she recognized me and said: “Oh, Helen; where am I? It seems so strange that I should be with you.”

I told her, she had passed from the mortal to the spirit life, and that now she must not think of her body or that she can ever enter it again. She did not quite understand me, but said; That she did not see why she should not reenter her body, as it was only asleep, and would want her as soon as it should awaken – I told her that never again would she enter her body that she had ceased to be a mortal, and that just as soon as her body should be buried she would realize that she is a spirit, and that no more would she live on earth as a mortal, but that she would visit her dear ones on earth many times, but not in a physical form – She is still in darkness as to this matter, but I am trying my best to help her realize that she is a spirit – She is somewhat confused, because she tries to talk to George (her husband) and he won’t listen to her – She says: “My dear is very deaf and that is why he doesn’t hear me”; But I tell her that he cannot hear her, as her voice is only a spirit voice, and his ears are not attuned to hear spirit voices.

She will soon realize to some extent, that she can no longer talk to George or any of her friends, and then will come the full understanding that she is really a spirit.

She is with her body now, and sees the presence of her husband, and relatives, but as I said, does not comprehend why they do not notice her presence, or tell her why they do not notice her presence, or tell her what the trouble is. She sees them sorrowing, and yet she does not understand why they should do so, as she says, she knows that when she awakens she will become a part of her body again; and so I can do nothing more now, but to let her know that I and her other spirit friends are with her and will not leave her until after she realizes that no more is her body to become her home.

Her mother is with her, and so is her father, and they are trying to help her, also. Her mother is a very bright spirit, and is filled with God’s love, and has her home in the fifth sphere, where she is very happy.

Her father is in the earth plane, yet. He is not very spiritual, but thinks more of earthly matters; and does not turn his thoughts to higher things – But some day he will, and then will see that real happiness, can only be found in the things which are of God, and his love.

Jen’s soulmate is here and is in the third sphere. He has never met her on earth, but he knows that she is his soulmate, and that as soon as she awakens to her condition, he will meet her and tell her that she is his for all eternity, and that his happiness is her happiness; and that they must both try to progress to the higher spheres where true happiness may be found. He is a very beautiful spirit and is in possession of much of God’s Love.

George’s soulmate is still on earth, but she does not live in Washington, and he will probably never meet her. She is a woman of about thirty-six years of age, and is not very spiritual, but is a great church member. So he will never again meet Jen as his wife, for she is another’s.

Jen’s body will be buried in the earth as was mine, but, sweetheart, she won’t be there any more than I am there; and when her body is finally laid away, she will never go to the place where it is buried, unless her folks go there and weep over her grave, and in that way attract her to them. But she doesn’t want them to do that as I know from my own experience.

More questions and answers unrecorded, but will print what is written. Well, we will see. Maybe she will not want to. But if she does, I will certainly communicate it. She thought that she did, but really did not, and now, when she learns the truth, she will not feel any attraction towards him – but maybe she will, as we cannot so soon forget our mortal loves, even though we find the real love after we come over – and when I think of that, it may be that she will want to send him a message of comfort.

Yes, that was singular coincidence. But you see, we never know when the summons will come for us to pass over. We both expected to return home soon, as we were feeling much better, and were happy in the thought; but in a moment, the summons came, and quickly we passed to this home of delight and freedom from care and suffering.

Your own true and loving,