Helen in a touching message tells James he is close to God and near the Master.

August 30th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, my dear old Ned you must stop writing for tonight as you have written a long time.

I am so glad that you are now in such good condition of faith and love, and feel so close to God and so near to the Master. It certainly is wonderful how he loves you and clings to you and tries to help and influence you for good. We are all surprised at his love for you and he does not seem to grow impatient that you sometimes seem not to care whether he loves you or not. But such is his Great Love.

Oh, my dear, you must love him more and get closer to him and trust him with all your heart and mind, for I, your own Helen, tell you that he is with you very much and loves you more than you can possibly conceive to be true.

He is trying to help you spiritually and he will succeed.

Well she (Amon) was a beautiful and bright spirit, more so than most any of the spirits that I have seen from the higher spheres. She talked to me for a while and told me that she was the first mother, and that I was one of her children. She has a wonderful portion of the Divine Love and seemed so grand and loving to me that I am inclined to believe her. But I cannot tell you anything more about her as I never saw her before. But I heard the Master say that he would tell you sometime about her and you may get a great treat from him.

So goodnight, your loving and true