Helen informs James that White Eagle is in charge of dark Spirits and updates their friend’s progress in Divine Love.

February 11th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well, these spirits wanted so much to write, but White Eagle won’t let them do so, for he tells them that this is not their night, and that if they will come on Wednesday night they may write. He is very good and kind to them, and they understand him, and while they are disappointed yet they take his advice and leave.

Well sweetheart, I am so glad that you are feeling better, for you were not in good condition last night, and I think it was because you were worrying over Nita, but, as I told you, there is no necessity for you to worry.

I am very happy in my new home, and I intend to write you about it very soon, and I know you will be much pleased to learn what a beautiful home I have.

I will write my other message first, as I promised, and you will think that I can do a little deep thinking as well as can some of the other spirits. So try to get into a very good condition, for you know, there are a number of spirits who have promised to write to you, and they are all anxious to do so.

I was not present, but he (Elkins) told me that he had written. He is a spirit who has progressed considerably, and seems to be very anxious to get the Father’s love. He almost worships your grandmother, who has been so good and kind to him; and believes implicitly in her advice and her love for him; and he is with us a great deal, and never seems to tire of listening to your grandmother. I know that he will soon get the love in his heart and will progress to a higher sphere. He has a great deal of the natural love, and seems to love his family so much. Well, I will not write about these other spirits as it is late.

The Judge is progressing and is with you quite often as you receive the messages from the higher spirits. He is much interested in them, and thinks that it is wonderful that you should attract to you so many of the spirits from the Celestial Heavens. He says, that he did not appreciate you when on earth; and is so sorry that he did not, for he believes that he would be in a better condition now had he understood your advice.

He is quite happy though, and so is his Rose, who is with him nearly all the time. They make a happy couple, and Rose wants me to send her love. They are here now and want to write, but I tell them it is too late. He says, “Not on your life,” as he is with the one that he loves and who loves him, and there is no other in all the universe for him. And Rose says he is right, and that he does not want any little Dutch girl, or any other girl.

So they both send their love.

He says he will be glad to do so.

He says he will try his best to prepare a message that will be interesting, but not such a one as he might have written for the University, that he sees how mistaken Dr. Holler is in his ideas of spiritual things and in his teachings, that he would like to write the Doctor a letter telling him of his mistakes, but he supposes the Doctor wouldn’t believe that he had written it.

But I must stop or they will talk all night. Take good care of yourself and love me with all your heart, for I love you more than I can tell you. I must leave you now. With all my love I am,

Your own true and loving,