Helen investigates the subject on babies arriving in Spirit.

November 13th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Yes, I was there and enjoyed the show. The pictures contain a very important truth that all women should understand and appreciate, for so many refuse to become mothers and perform the duties that God intends them to perform. I have no doubt that the pictures will have a good effect on many of them, and make them think before resorting to that means of getting rid of the unborn babies.

In my investigation of the subject of babies who have come to the spirit world as a result of abortion, I do not find that they ever go back to their earth mothers for any purpose whatever. There are spirits who are specially designated to take care of babies, and in cases where the natural mothers have succeeded in cutting short the lives of these babies, these spirits who have charge of these babies in the spirit world never permit these babies to come in contact with their unnatural mothers or visit them. And this because the mother’s love is not there to receive these poor little waifs; and where there is no mother’s love there is no attraction existing, that will cause the return of the babies when they have once left their mothers.

But in the case of babies who prematurely die, or of those who die very young, these babies do return to their mothers under the guidance of their guardian spirits and receive from their mothers their love and feelings which are going forth to these babies.

The law of attraction operates here as well as in other matters and this is the law in reference to babies who die early.

When there is existing a mother’s love, the baby will return and receive this love and help from coming in contact with such mother. But when there is no mother’s love there is no attraction, and the baby may never know its mother.

In many cases, the baby, before the mother comes to the spirit world, finds other attractions, and hence there is no feeling of love or sympathy between the baby and its mother.

It frequently happens that when the mother comes into the spirit world, she finds the spirit of the unborn baby, and in a way has a uniting, but rarely is this love strong enough to keep them together, the law of attraction separates them and then each goes his own way.

I will not write more.

Your own true and loving,