Helen progresses to a higher Celestial Sphere.

October 28th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen:

Well, my dear, I am here as I promised you today and will try to write my letter, although I hesitated about doing so, as there are some spirits here who are very anxious to write, but I told them that I had made the engagement with you, and that they must wait until another time to write, and of course, they very willingly acquiesced.

Well, I want to tell you that I was with you tonight at the meeting and saw that you enjoyed some of the soul love and influence that were present. These people have a great deal of this love and attract many spirits of the spiritual kind and receive a great amount of the Divine Love, for the Holy Spirit is present with them, doing the work of the Father. But I did not come to write of them, so I will not write more.

As your father just wrote you, I am in the higher planes of the Celestial Heavens and I am so happy that I hardly know how to express myself to you, for your language has no words adequate to express what I should like to tell you. All the descriptions of my several homes that I have heretofore given you, if combined could not faintly describe the home in which I now have or the happiness which is mine. As I go higher the things of earth gradually fade away from my memory, and only my love for you and the children remain in its strength and realness. And if it were not for this love I do not think that I would often come to the earth plane, for my special work, as you know, is among the spirits of the higher spheres in revealing to them the soulmates that they have, and in bringing to them the consequent happiness. But as I have told you while you remain on earth, I will never be able to remain away from you, as the great attraction which our love creates would not permit me to do so, even if I did not desire to come, if you can imagine such a thing to be possible.

The Father is so loving and good that he never prevents his spirits of the Celestial Kingdom from indulging in those things that will make them happy and contented and, consequently, there are more of the spirits in the earth planes doing their missions of love, than might be expected, when the happiness that their homes gives them is considered.

But these spirits know not selfishness in the sense of desiring all this happiness for themselves. Of course, it they have no attraction on earth – if love for the mortal does not call them to earth, then they live mostly in the spiritual or Celestial Heavens doing their work, but always work for others.

These spirits are never idle, indulging their own pleasures in such a way as the majority of Christians may believe. They have their harps and their music of various kinds and all these things that are commonly conceived by the Christian mortals to exist in the Kingdom of Heaven, yet they enjoy them only in the moments of cessation from their work in helping other spirits to progress towards the fountainhead of the Father’s Love.

I am also now working in teaching the spirits of the lower spheres the plan of God for the salvation of their souls, and it is a glorious work, and the reflected happiness is beyond all explanation. As we give our knowledge and love to these spirits and realize their happiness and joy, this love that streams down upon us from the higher planes seems to fill our souls with increased abundance, and we realize the saying, that the more we give the more we receive. Never are we made poor by giving and never cease to give when the opportunity presents itself. Only are we disappointed when those to whom we try to give our love and share our happiness with, refuse to receive these gifts, and this frequently happens, especially in the lower spheres and in the intellectual spheres, for you must know that these spirits of the divine nature spend much time in the intellectual spheres, endeavoring to lead the spirits of these spheres in the way that will bring to them this Divine Love and endless progress.

But strange as it may seem to you, these intellectual spirits whose natural love has become to a great degree purified, are the most difficult to convince or even interest in the great plan of the Father for their souls’ redemption and entrance into the Celestial Spheres.

They are comparatively happy as they progress in these intellectual and moral spheres, and they do not desire anything until they arrive at the limit of their progress and then many of them have an awakening to the fact that there may be something beyond their present powers of acquiring, and that the celestial spirits may know a way to greater progress and happiness.

We of the Celestial Spheres, all engage in this work, for we know the importance of it, and the certainty that at some time the Celestial Kingdom will be closed but we do not know when, our work with these spirits will have to cease, and then they will be left through all eternity to the limited happiness and ended progression. The more experience I have in this work, the more I am astonished at the great and wonderful power of the human will, and when I say this I include the will that these pure spirits of the natural love have. It seems to me that they approach nearest the greatness of the Father in this will power, and in the untrammeled exercise of it.

I know of no power or function that these spirits of the natural love have, that the spirits of the Celestial Spheres cannot control or subordinate, except this great will power, and as to that we are as helpless as babes so far as compulsion is concerned.

When we try to influence them with love is our weapon, and unless love can work its way our influence is almost hopeless. Of course, persuasion of their intellects is also necessary, and reason must be taken in the account, but as I say, the approach to persuasion and reason must be through love, which is the power that moves and governs the spirit world.

Well dear, don’t you think I have written enough for tonight? You are somewhat exhausted and I think it best to stop.

Your own true and loving,