Helen suggests that James listen to John’s advice and to receive a message from his daughter, Nita.

September 23rd, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well, my dear Ned, I am so very glad that John has written you as he has, and hope that you will consider and act on his advice. If you could only realize what it all means you would bend every effort to get in the condition that would enable these high spirits to make the rapport and communicate to you their wonderful messages.

I know though, that you really feel the importance of the work and that you long for the Love and will be glad when the delivery of the messages be resumed. And I know you love me and will try to do every- thing possible to please and make me happy, and you can do this by following the advice of John.

Baby is here tonight and is so very anxious to write you, but I tell her that it is best to wait for a few nights when you will be in so much better receptive condition and she will be more successful in writing to you. She is so very loving and beautiful and believes that her daddy is the most wonderful man on earth, and one to be loved by her, and it is no wonder that she thinks in this way, for she sees so many of the bright and Celestial Spirits around you desiring to get in rapport with you and deliver their messages.

Well dear, it is not necessary to repeat our expressions of love, for you know how much we all love you and want your love and thoughts.

Some spirits are here tonight who would like to write you, but I tell them that they must wait awhile until you are in a condition when their messages may be received.

Think of us and believe that we are with you very much trying to help you.

Yes, he has been here on several occasions, but did not have the opportunity to write. When he next comes I will have him write. Goodnight, my dear one.

Your own true and loving,