Helen urges James to breathe the prayer to the Father.

December 5th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen.

Well, my dear, the spirits who desire to write to you of the higher truths did not think it best to attempt to write tonight, and hence you got no response from them. They say that you were not then in condition to receive their messages and that it was not advisable to try to convey any to you. But many of them were present, trying to throw around you their influence of love and help, and I know that as the evening progressed you felt their presence.

I am glad that you have the Master’s Prayer to help you and open up your soul to the inflowing of the Love of the Father. It is a wonderful prayer, and as you repeat it with all your sincere soul desires, you will find that peace will come to you and the very presence of the Divine Love will be felt in your soul. So try to learn the prayer and offer it up to the Father, not only at night when you are ready to retire, but during the day, and especially when you feel gloomy and downcast, for the results will do you much good. It will bring to you the presence of this Love and, also, the higher spirits who possess so much of it, and the rapport will enable you to realize that there are spirits hovering around, and such spirits as will cause you much happiness and peace. So remember what I advise, and give your aspirations to the offering of the prayer, and to the hope that with you may abound this Love in all its fullness.

Oh, my dear, when I think of how blessed you are in having conferred upon you this great mission, I can hardly realize that it is true, yet I know that it is, and that you should feel so thankful to the Master, as I do. No other has had such a privilege conferred upon him and, of course, no other has such a responsibility; and when this latter is considered, it seems that you will have to have the sustaining influence and power of all the spirits who are in your higher band, to enable you to do the work and not faint in its performance. Jesus is with you and you will not be afraid that you will not succeed. The way and the means will be provided, and the great truths will be given you, and through you, to the world; and in the long future men will learn the truth and thank the Father that it become possible for His truths and the knowledge of His Great Love to be revealed through the instrumentality of a mortal.

You may be forgotten, but your work will live forever, and men and nations will experience the benefit of it and come closer to the Father and closer to one another, as brothers. The nations will necessarily be what the individuals who compose them are, and love and peace will reign on earth, as the Master promised long years ago, and as he promises now.

All will be fulfilled, and as the old prophet said, the desolate places will bloom and blossom as the rose, but better than this, in men’s hearts and souls will come such love that every man will truly become his brother’s neighbor, and the great leaders of mankind will realize their dream of the brotherhood of man.

In the near future the Master and the other spirits who have been writing you the truths of the New Birth and of the higher things that pertain to the souls of men, will write you as to the moral precepts, and as to those things that will cause the development of the natural love of men. And their teachings will be very interesting. I have heard them talk of these things, and know that these truths and teachings which relate to the moral development of men are a part of the plan to be made known to you. So you see, you yet have much work to do, and you must not think for a moment that you will not get in condition, materially and spiritually, to do this great work to its completion.

It has been decreed that you shall finish this work before you come to the spirit world, and there will be no failure. It will be that some obstacles will be met with, such as you are now encountering, but after a little while they will disappear, and you will be free to do your work without hindrance and in the way that you have so often thought about.

Well, sweetheart, I have written a long letter tonight and I think it best to stop, but before I do so, I desire to say to Your two friends that their work is of like importance, and that the great powers that are looking after and directing you are also looking after them, and that their work will have to be done also. It is a part of the great desire and plan that they shall perform their missions, and that ways and means shall be provided by which they will be enabled to accomplish the task set before them. So tell them to take courage and believe what I here write, and know that the Master and the higher spirits have decreed that they, also, shall have a part in this glorious plan for the salvation of mankind, and that nothing will be permitted to interfere with, or defeat, them in their labors. They will have to remain mortals until their work shall have been accomplished, and by that time they will have such knowledge of the glories of the Heavenly life that they will be anxious to hear the “Well done, good and faithful servants,” and enter into the joys of the homes which have been prepared for them. And when that time comes, there will be many in the spirit world who will meet them, with hearts full of thankfulness and love, and words of appreciation and greeting.

So tell them to keep up their faith and courage, and let not doubt enter into their minds as to the fact that they are the chosen ones also.

I must stop now.

So with my love, good night.

Your own true and loving