Helen writes a message for Dr. Stone, a friend of James’.

December 30th, 1914.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Dr. Stone is a different man. He has considerable spiritual development, and is an earnest seeker of the higher things of the spirit world, and has had a considerable experience in these matters.

He is not just right when he ascribes the inflowing of God’s Love to any vibrations of spiritual forces, other than the pure and only love of God. His Love is not a mere vibration, but an actual existing Love, which has its source only in the fountainhead of His Love, no other force or thing enters into it – only pure and everlasting Love which emanates from the Father. So tell Dr. Stone that he must believe that God is an infinite actual being who loves him as a father, and not some mere vibratory love or power moving through the universe without a fixed and predetermined plan for the happiness of mankind.

I hope he will soon see that if he wishes to obtain the greatest happiness on earth as well as in the heavens, he will come to believe that God is his real, personal Father, with all the love that a Father – the only one – can have for his child.

He can obtain the happiness, resulting from the possession of this Love, only by prayer to the Father, and belief in the actual existence of the Father, and His desire to bestow this love in answer to such prayer. He must let this Love of God into his soul and believe that it is there. When he gets it though he will know it and he will not need any further proof than the happiness that will come to him by its mere possession.

Tell him to pray for its inflowing, and not wait until he can understand how such a thing can be, and he will get it.

I am much interested in him for I see that he has a longing to know the truth, and to obtain all the happiness that may be found in the spirit world.

Let his thoughts about the movements and operations of the astral body, as it is called, and the vibrations necessary to bring one into harmony with the higher things of this world (spirit world) be taken from his consideration, and let his whole thoughts and aspirations centre upon the great love which the Father has for him.

He will then soon learn that in order to get this great happiness of which I speak is not depending upon any knowledge of the laws which govern vibrations or astral bodies, or anything else which merely are useful in carrying out certain operations of God’s laws in His spiritual kingdom.

He must believe, as I say, if he wants to succeed in finding that which is far more desirable than anything which the mere acquisition of the knowledge of the laws governing the inter-communication between the spiritual and the material world can give him.

I am so much interested in his spiritual welfare, that I almost feel that I must come to him personally and try to impress upon him with all my powers, the necessity of his trying to get this great happiness in the way that I have indicated. So be sure to tell him that he must pray to God for an inflowing of His love and believe that God is able to fill his soul with this love, and let all the desires as to why these things can be, pass from him for the time being.

I know his soulmate and she is a beautiful spirit living in the same sphere with me. When I heard you talking today, I immediately tried to find her and succeeded. She knows that he is her soulmate, and she is so anxious to get into communication with him, for she says that he is very dear to her, and she wants him to obtain this great love, which will enable him to come to her direct when he comes over, so he will not have to have an experience of expiation in the earth plane. She says tell him that he is her true soulmate and that he must believe it to be so, for she has known it for some time, and has been with him many times when he has felt downhearted and needed help. She will now be with him very often, and she only hopes that she may in some way cause him to feel that she is, and realize that he is not alone in his earth life.

She never knew him on earth. She says that her home was in England, not very far from where he lived, and that her name is Mary Kennedy. She was the daughter of a very prosperous businessman, and is a spirit only for about ten years.

She is not only waiting for him to come over, but is trying to prepare a home for them both, that will show him how much she loves him, and how much she has thought of him for several years past. I never knew her until today, but she seems to be a very lovely spirit and one of entire sincerity.So tell him that here is another reason why he should strive to obtain this love of God in his soul, that I have above all things tried so very earnestly to impress upon him the necessity of obtaining.

So tell him further that from now on he will have a beautiful spirit to enter into all his joys, and to sympathize with him in all his sorrows – which I hope may be few.

I must stop now for I have tired my darling Ned. You must pardon me for having taken up so much time in writing about Dr. Stone but I could not help it as I saw that he is almost ready to let God’s love come into his soul and make him a happy man.