Helen writes about their family love.

October 14th, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen:

Well, dear, you have heard from Baby, and she was so pleased that she could write you, and is more anxious than ever to tell you of all the things that she has in mind, and the wonderful experience that she had when passing, and has since had. She is a beautiful girl now and is so very happy, and best of all is filled with the desire for an increased possession of the Father’s love. She prays very often and seems to have great faith, and I believe that her progress to higher spheres will be very rapid. I am so glad to have her with me, as I realize that she has escaped many of the trials and worries of life.

Well, dear, I am so glad that we can get close together again, and now I hope that we will never have another severance of our rapport, and we will not unless you let your love grow cold and your thoughts of me and for me become less. I was very unhappy when I found that I couldn’t come to you as I had been doing and that you had raised a barrier between us that I had not the power to break down. While you may think that we spirits are very powerful yet you must also think that all our powers cannot bring me in rapport with you, when you do not think in that way towards me that will create a condition which will enable me to make the rapport. Thus you will realize how much of our intercourse will depend on you. Of course, I can be with you and know and see what your condition is and what your thoughts are but I cannot arbitrarily change your condition or turn your thoughts to me and cause you to draw close to me in a union of rapport that will enable me to write to you. So sweetheart, do not let yourself get in this condition again. Only love and think of and wish for me and no spirit or power can keep me from you – only you, yourself, can do this.

Well, it is late, and you have been working and I must not draw on you longer. Keep your thoughts on spiritual things and pray to the Father and long for His Love and very soon you will be in condition which will enable the higher spirits to write.

Love me and say goodnight.Your own true and loving,