Helen writes on James’ visit to a medium.

January 21st, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well, sweetheart, we were somewhat disappointed tonight that we could not have the opportunity to write as we had agreed, and you were also, I know. I was with you at Mrs. Miller’s and saw and heard what took place, and while there was nothing very edifying in the proceedings, yet it was a little enjoyable because of the great number of spirits who were present and their evident happiness in being able to communicate.

The spirit who was writing through you was one that I did not know, and who was of the lower planes, and had not much of the development.

The guides of Mrs. Miller actually talked through her, and Minnie is a very cute and spiritual little Indian and is very faithful to her medium.

The other Mrs. Miller was much interested and the advice given her by Rolling Cloud is good, and if she will procure the medicine and give it to her mother she will find some relief. These Indians know a great deal about healing and very often help mortals in their sickness. Yes, she was very anxious to hear about the prospects of her becoming a free woman, and, while I can hardly blame her, yet, the spirits are not permitted or inclined to give much comfort to mortals who have in their souls the desires that she had.

I know the condition of Mr. Miller, and it is a very precarious one, for he may die at any moment. His heart is not in a good condition and his kidneys are very much diseased, and worse than that he is obsessed by a wicked drunken spirit who will not let him get out of their power if they can prevent it; and because of his circumstances and surroundings it seems to me that they will be able to retain their control of him. Well, we have some power, but not all that you may think. Unless he puts himself in condition to accept our help we can do nothing for him, for his condition is what gives these spirits the power to control him, and unless he makes some effort himself to break the rapport between him and them, we can do him very little good. Such is this law of attraction that I have written you about.

Well, she is a good hearted woman, but not one that would benefit you in a spiritual point of view, for she is very worldly in her desires and thoughts and scarcely ever gives the future any consideration. I know this from not only what she said, but from the condition of her soul development, which shows that not often does she permit her soul to have any communion with the higher things of God’s universe; and I tell you that the condition of the soul is a sure index of the thoughts and aspirations of the person.

Yes, of course, she has a soulmate, but who he is I don’t know, and it is not important at this time to find out, for she is not thinking of soulmates, but of the material things of life, and her chief desire is to obtain money. Well, I must not write more and you must go to bed. The others of the band will come at a later time and write you.

So with all my love I will say goodnight.

Your own true and loving, Helen