Helen writes on the Master’s Glorious appearance and Ingersoll is amazed.

March 22nd, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen.

Oh, my dear one, what a message you had from the Master, and with what power and authority he wrote you! Again, he displayed that great glory of which I have written, and so grand and magnificent was his appearance that we could scarcely look upon him. He certainly was the son of the Father as he wrote to you and declared that you both were his disciples, and that power and great soul development would be given you.

And Ingersoll was present, and he stood in amazement, and almost adoration, as he saw the wondrous greatness and power of the Master. He says that no spirit can doubt that Jesus is the true son of God and the greatest of all the spirits in the Heavens; and that he feels that he is of such insignificance when he sees the glory displayed by the Master. He, Ingersoll, is so humble and so remorseful when he thinks of his days on earth, when he doubted that Jesus ever lived, and if he did, that, in his opinion, he was merely a good man and nothing more.

I tell you that the opportunities which we spirits have had – now three times – to see displayed this wonderful glory and power of Jesus, have made us all realize that the love of the Father which Jesus has is beyond all conception; and he tells us that such love may be ours if we will only strive and pray for it.

Oh, my dear, when I think of the great favor that has been bestowed upon you I thank the Father with all the capacity that I have. I am so happy! Some day you will be with me, and this happiness will be ours together.

Well, dear, this has been a glorious night, and I will not mar the happiness that comes to us by attempting to write of anything else.

So, with all my love and many kisses, I am

Your own true and loving