Helen writes on their daughter’s progress.

December 29th, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen:

Well, dear, I am glad that you had the message from John, for I see that you are anxious to receive an explanation of the truth of the second coming of the Master in detail, so that not only you but the world which reads these messages may understand. John will come soon – it all depends on you.

Well, our Baby was so happy that she could write you, and tell you how much she loves you, and how happy she is and with what rapidity she is progressing. She was a little disappointed that she could not write, but as she understands the reason she acquiesced and said she would wait. She is progressing very fast and becoming so very beautiful as the love fills her soul. You must think of her and love her very dearly.

I was with you tonight at church and saw what impressions the sermon made on you, and how you felt that you would like to tell the preacher the truth and help him put on the wedding garment. Well, we will have to wait. His mother is praying for him and trying to impress him with the truth but his orthodox views are too firmly fixed to permit an impression to be made upon him at this time; but sometime he will learn the truth.

Well, dear, you have had another happy experience today and your soul has been much benefitted by your longings for the Father’s Love. Only continue to pray and you will realize your desires, and the messages will come to you – for many spirits are here, waiting to communicate.

Well, we have thought of that, and concluded that you had better confine your work to the higher messages, especially as the work you did among them is bearing much fruit, and as a result the spirits of love are enabled to come into communication with many of the dark spirits who now listen to what we desire to say to them. The ones that you helped are working successfully among the dark ones.

Well, dear, I will now stop.

Love me and believe and pray.


Your own true and loving,