Helen writes that Forrest is praying for Divine Love and is progressing.

October 12th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well sweetheart, at last I have the opportunity to write my letter, and I am so glad that I can.

I thought it best to let Forrest write you as he was so anxious and seems to realize so much pleasure in doing so. He is progressing some and commence to see that there is some virtue in prayer for he prays very earnestly and very often. We are helping him as much as possible and he seems to have great faith in me, and in your grandmother who appears to him to be something more than the spirit of a mortal.

He seems to be awed by her presence when she first come to him, but she talks to him with such love and sympathy in her voice, and has so much of the Father’s Love beaming from her eyes that he soon forgets her grandeur, as we call it, and listens to her with all his soul, and seems to drink in her words of comfort and love. She has a wonderful influence over him and is helping him very much.

Well, I must not write more on these matters or I will not have time to tell you what I so much wish to say.

Since I last wrote you of my progress, I have gotten into higher planes of the Celestial Spheres and am correspondingly happy and surrounded by more beautiful scenes and brighter and lovelier spirits. My home is also more beautiful and is filled with a greater atmosphere of love and happiness.

And I further find that with all this progress and increased happiness my soulmate love for you increases and a more wonderful vista of what our happiness will be when you come over and progress to my home and become my soulmate in actual living together, unfolds itself.

I am so often with you, that if you knew how often you might think. that my home is not so attractive to me as it should be from my reference to its beauty; but you would be mistaken, for it is more attractive and has more happiness for me than any home I have yet had in spirit life, and when I am in it, no mortal can conceive of my joy and bliss. But yet, I love you so much that I cannot stay away from you for any great length of time, and some of my spirit friends wonder at it. But it is not to be wondered at so much when it is known, and it is a fact, that my actually being in my home is not necessary to my great happiness, for when I come to you, my soul, which is really I, comes too, and in it is the great Love of the Father, and from that Love proceeds my great happiness. So you see how the Father blesses me and all others who have His Love.

Because we have our love for the mortal and leave our mansions of joy and light and go to the earth plane of darkness, where sin and error are, our great soul’s love and happiness are not left behind. And why should it be? The homes which we have do not make the soul’s happiness, but the soul’s possession of love makes the homes. And this Love is ours for all eternity and cannot be taken from us. It can grow greater but never less. This is a law or the result of a law in the Celestial Heavens. And what a wonderful law it is!

I come to you bringing all the love that I have in my celestial home, and throw around you its influence and essence, and just to the extent that your soul is receptive do you absorb it and feel its presence. So in a faint way you can realize the great fortune of those mortals who have come to them spirits of the Celestial Spheres.

Have you ever considered what it means to you and your friends to have surrounding you the love and presence of the Master and of the other high spirits who are so often with you? Very few mortals have such love breathing upon them so often. If you will think of this you will realize how favored you are and what your possibilities may be.

But when I come to you I bring not only the Divine Love which possesses my soul, but the lesser, though very intense love of the soulmate, a love which had its beginning before we were mortals and which will never have its ending in all eternity.

When I think of the goodness of the Father in all these things to make mortals and spirits happy I can only wonder at His Love and wisdom, and never cease to thank Him!

But astonishing also, man can have these blessings as he wills or not to make them his own. In this way he determines his own happiness or misery, when God wishes him to be only happy.

Well, sweetheart, I will not write more tonight as you have written enough. But this you know, that I love you with a love that is only yours, and always increasing with no possibility of dying. And as the years of your pilgrimage on earth go bye, this love will be with you and around you in greater abundance, and you will realize it more and more; and your heart will grow younger and younger until the earth life will become something more than the shadow of what awaits you when you come to me.

I will say goodnight.

Give me my kiss and know that I am

Your own true and loving,