Helen writes that the Spirit of the previous message went with the Prof. to learn of Divine Love.

January 24th, 1917.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well my dear, I see that you are tired and must go to bed, and I will not write very much.

I was interested in the message that you received from the man who wanted to learn of the Divine Love, and he was very serious in his requests and seemed to have much pleasure in going with the Professor, who will instruct him fully.

Mrs. Stone was also very happy that she could write and tell the Dr. of her love, and Kate was also serious when she advised the Dr. to get married. It will undoubtedly be a wise thing for him to do as well as for you, as I have told you your life is too lonesome a one. You need companionship. I was disappointed tonight that the Master did not write. He was present in the early part of the evening, but the dark spirits were so persistent in their efforts to write, and so disappointed that they could not succeed, that the Master thought it best not to interfere, and so postponed his writing. He will come soon. You were in good condition tonight for writing.

I will not write more.

So believe that I love you and love me in return and give me my kisses.You are a dear boy to treat me in that way. I was not in a hurry to sign myself.

Your own true loving,