Helens comments on John’s previous message.

June 3rd, 1917.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here.

Your own true and loving Helen. Well dear, you had a rather unusual letter from John, and I must say that as Jesus appears now, even when he accommodates himself to the humblest human, the portraits do not resemble him. Of course, I do not know what he looked like when on earth, but John knows and what he says is true.

Jesus told you a short time ago that he would sometime permit you to see him clairvoyantly and when he does, I think that you will see him as he was on earth, or at least as he appeared to mortals after his resurrection; and I hope that when you do, it will be indelibly stamped on your memory, so that if you were an artist you could reproduce his appearance. So you will have to consider yourself truly favored when you see him in this way.

May the Father’s Love be sufficient for you.

Goodnight my dear husband.

Your own true and loving,