I am a redeemed Spirit now.

August 7th, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

Saul of the Old Testament.

I am the same Saul that called up Samuel, or rather who caused the woman of Endor to do so.

I was a wicked man in those days, and knew not the love of God, and very little of my fellow mortals. I was a cruel man and a worker of iniquity, and violated God’s laws in many ways.

As you have read, I came to the end of my resources and went to consult Samuel as the last resort. I did not know that God had abandoned me until Samuel had told me.

Yes, He did and was my protector as long as I obeyed Him and did what was right in His sight. I know that He did, because when I obeyed Him, I was successful and happy.

I only knew from what the prophets told me, and they claimed to have communications with God in some way. I believed this, and hence thought that God was protecting me.

I am a redeemed spirit now and am happy in the Love of the Father. I became a lover of the Father and an inhabitant of His Kingdom long after Jesus proclaimed the Great Truth of Divine Love restored. Before that I was a spirit who lived in the happiness which I experienced in developing my soul and becoming a good spirit, free from sin and error. But this happiness is not that which I now enjoy.

I want to confirm what Samuel said as to the woman of Endor. She was not a witch or evil woman, but was a medium and received communications from the higher spirits of the spirit world. She had been abused for centuries, and should not be further thought of as a wicked woman.

I will not write more to-night.

Well, do you suppose that we of the spirit world stand still in our mental advancement? I know all the important languages of the earth and can write them and understand them. Do not think that spirits do not learn here just as they learned as mortals. The only difference is that they can learn so much more rapidly and can retain their knowledge more easily than mortals can.

So I will say good-night.

Your brother in Christ, Saul