I am a Spirit who lived in England, near the Stone Family.

December 8th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, George W. Smith:

I am a spirit who lived in England and knew the family of your friend and have met them in the spirit world and have seen them write to him and call him their son, and as I am permitted to write I thought that I would say a few words. I am not in such an exalted position as my friends and have with me some darkness and suffering though I am progressing and learning of the way which they tell me I must pursue in order to get rid of my present conditions. Mrs. Stone has been a very angel of goodness to me and has so patiently tried to show me the way to truth and to the love that has made an angel of her. What a glorious and beautiful spirit she is and how fortunate her son is to have such a mother who loves him so much as I have heard her often say.

Well, I merely want to say that I have heard the conversation between you and my brother and have believed with interest in what he said about writing to my sisters and telling them some of the spiritual truths that have been written to him by our mother and others.

Well, I will not write more but I have learned that the prayers of you mortals do help the darkened spirits very much and wish that your friend and you would pray for me. Heaven is ahead of me they tell me and I want so much to get there.


George W. Smith