I am your true teacher and brother.

January 5th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

You are my own true brother and disciple.

I come because you need me and my love, and I want to tell you that you are very near the Kingdom. Your prayers have been heard, and our Father has given you His love to a great degree. So you must soon be prepared to take my messages, for the time is getting ripe for the world to receive my gospel of love and peace. Men are now thinking deeply of spiritual things and want a gospel that will teach them the way to the truth and to God’s love and their eternal happiness. So do not let the things of earth keep you from getting more of your Father’s Love and Grace in your soul. Be steadfast in your faith and you will not want for anything that will enable you to become His true son and my own loving disciple in spreading the glorious tidings of joy and peace to mankind. Your love is now so great that you will soon be at-one with your Father and receive from Him the outpouring of His love and the Pentecost of the Holy Spirit. Be a man that will not let anything of earth or heaven keep you from doing the work which I have set before you to do. I am your true helper and protector, and you will not suffer for want of anything that will make you free and happy. Be more earnest in your efforts to obtain the great boon which your Father has promised to give you, and you will not be disappointed.

You are doing a good work among the spirits and God, our Father, will bless you in your endeavor. You must not let doubt or want of faith keep you from doing the great work that you have undertaken. The spirits whom you have so much helped will progress towards the truth and will remember you when they get the happiness which awaits them. Your wife is a beautiful and powerful spirit, who has learned to love God very much, and who loves you to an extent that is unusual among spirits, who love with a love far exceeding the love of mortals (the redeemed spirits are the ones I mean). She is now progressing very rapidly and soon will be very near her Father’s home of love and joy. So you are very much blessed in having such a wife and soulmate; and when you come over you will find a spirit waiting for you that will appear so beautiful to you, that you will wonder how such a thing could be. But you may become just as beautiful and as much possessed of God’s love, if you will only pray and do His will while on earth. It is not necessary for you to wait until you come over in order to get this love and become free from sin and error.

I am your true teacher and brother, and I want you to do my will as regards the teaching to mankind of the truths of the Father.

I do not desire to tell you now of these things. I will in a short time and then you will know just what the truth is.

Yes, I know the future, and I tell you now and you must believe, that you will soon be relieved of all your business cares, and be in a condition to give all your time and energies to my work. Do not doubt this any more. I think that this is the best place, though the place will not determine the best means of doing the work. I mean the place will not be material, except that the place you mention is a good one, as it is near the Capitol of a great nation and will enable you to make more impression on the world by what you may publish. I do not intend to restrict you to any place; only take the messages and publish them. You will also teach the truths by your daily conversations and example. Yes, I remember the saying and it is true, but in your case the same conditions do not exist as existed when I gave utterance to the saying. Nevertheless I will guide you when the time comes and you will follow my guidance. It will make little difference to you where you are, for the spread of my truths is the important thing. Yes, a church will be established, and there will be many leaders of my new movement, and it will succeed and supplant all other beliefs in this hemisphere. I mean in the United States and other protestant countries.

The war will last until the Germans are subdued. I don’t think it will be very long before they will see the utter hopelessness of fighting longer; then they will submit and a new nation will arise, which will be a nation of the people governed by the people. Emperors’ sons will not have any influence with the people. The nobility will cease to have any power and will become a part of the people. God will eventually rule men’s lives through His love, for men will then seek His love, and peace will be established in the earth. When my Kingdom comes on the earth I will reign in the hearts of men, not as a ruler or as a sovereign lord, but as a Prince of Peace, the only son of the Father who was born without sin, and all mankind will worship God in spirit and in truth. War shall be no more and swords shall be turned into pruning hooks and plowshares, and men shall know what peace and love for one another are.

My second coming will be as the still small voice that speaks to every man and tells him that Love is the only thing that is necessary for him to have, and when he gets that in his soul all the sins and hatred and desires for evil will pass away.

I will not desert you in your work, and it will prosper. I know that certain churches – I mean the clergy and high officials – will fight my truths and the teaching of them to men, but they will not succeed. I will prevail and mankind will be redeemed. All will bow down in earnest prayer and thanksgiving to their God, and His love will enter into their hearts and they will be at peace. Brothers will be brothers indeed, and the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man will be established, and all men will serve their God.

The Catholic Church will eventually, as an organization of political power, and as a monster of error and a teacher of doctrines contrary to God’s truths, be utterly destroyed, and its followers will embrace the true teachings of my gospel. Many will not embrace these new teachings, though, until the last vestige of the power of this great vampire has utterly disappeared. The priests will be shaken from their seats of power and will become men of no influence among the people, for my truths will destroy all the errors which they have preached and through fear caused their deluded followers to embrace and believe.

You must not write more tonight, as you are tired.

So with my love and blessings, I am

Your brother and teacher,