I must have been a poor soul when on Earth.

October 1st, 1915

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Robert G. Ingersoll.

I came to tell you that I am the Ingersoll who when on earth was a fool in my beliefs, and who now knows the truths of God as far as the way to salvation is concerned, and the Wonderful Gift which he has in store for all who may believe what the Master says as to the way to obtain it. I have not yet recovered from the wonderful experience which I had on the night when Jesus displayed his wonderful glory and power, and made me feel that I was of such little importance in my beliefs and opinions as I entertained them on earth and as I brought them with me to the spirit world.

I must have been a poor soul all my life to have gone on in a way that kept me out of the happiness which a belief in the Father’s Love would have given me. But the reason was that the truth was not taught, and what the preachers have proclaimed in their pulpits as to the way that a man could be saved from sin was so repulsive to reason that I could not for a moment tolerate it, and consequently I did not seek to learn any other way. I now know that even the Bible taught another and true way to salvation, but that way was not taught by the preachers; and I never thought of any other way than that which I heard from the preachers or from the writings of the orthodox.

But, if I had only known that even in that book (the Bible) I might have found the true plan of salvation, what good I might have done on earth, instead of the harm which I now see my books are doing.

For while some who read them understand what is really intended to be taught, yet a greater number, who give them a mere casual reading and grasp and enjoy some of my catchwords, really are led to believe that there is no God and no future life; and all this makes me unhappy now and causes me to wish that I could return to earth and teach these people the truth and show them that my writings in many particulars are not beneficial to them.

But I realize that I cannot do this, and I only hope that sometime you will give me the opportunity to write through you my corrections of many of the things contained in my books.

I never before realized what Jesus is, and until the other night when he showed his great power and beauty, I never supposed that he could be much different in appearance than a spirit like unto many others.

I will not write more tonight, except to say that a spirit comes to me and tells me that you invited him here and advised him to ask me to tell him of my conversion to Christianity, as he needed help and light. Well, as you sent him, and as he was my friend on earth, I shall take great interest in telling him of the wonderful power and magnificent love of Jesus. So I will take him with me now and try to show him the way to salvation and to surcease from his sufferings.

He will come to you and tell you of the result of our interview, and how he then thinks of what I will tell him of salvation. So thanking you, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

R. G. Ingersoll