I tried to commit the prayer to memory, as I need so much help.

December 6th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am Edwin Forrest:

I merely want to say a word. I know it is late, but I have been listening to your reading and conversation tonight, and I have been much interested, for you have read and said many things that I had no knowledge of. I was especially interested in the Prayer which you say Jesus wrote, and I tried to commit it to memory, for I believe that if it will be helpful to you, it will be helpful to me also, and I need help so much, although I am not in the awful condition of darkness and suffering that I was in when I first wrote you.

It is wonderful to me how you have these bright and high spirits come to you and write such messages as you receive. I am present many times when you are writing, and can understand what you are receiving, but strange as it may seem to you, I cannot see these spirits unless they specially reveal themselves to me.

I know, though, that they are writing, for I can sense an influence that comes only when these spirits are present, I know this because sometimes they show themselves to me, and then I see that they are beautiful and bright spirits; and when they are so present, I always sense the influence that I speak of. And besides, your wife sometimes comes to me and tells me that such spirits are present. I have learned many truths since your wife has been trying to instruct me, and I am praying and seeking for the Love which she tells me of; but it seem so difficult to get it. I don’t know just why, but I shall continue to strive for it, for your wife tells me that it will come to me when I get in proper condition to receive it.

I am happier than I have been, and my hope is increasing, and my faith also, and I am determined not to cease praying and striving until I receive the freedom from my condition that I am informed is just a little ahead of me.

Well, I thank you, and I will try to follow your advice and help these other spirits whenever I can.

L_____ is still in much darkness. He does not seem to desire to get out of his condition, and still associates with spirits like himself, and visits these low places of earth in the belief that he is getting some pleasure in his imaginary drinking, etc.

I have not seen M_____ lately, but suppose he is still in the condition that he was in when I last saw him. I know that he needs help, and while I do not feel that I can help him much yet, I will try.

Yes, I am interested in all my folks on earth, as well as those in the spirit world, and I sometimes visit my old home and try to make them feel better, but I can make but little impression on them, and I see that it will be a difficult undertaking to cause them to think of anything pertaining to this life other than what their beliefs cause them to think. They are Catholics with all their hearts and minds, and would not doubt what their priests say to them for anything in all the world. But I shall be with them, and when they come over will meet them.I have seen some of my folks here who are in darkness and still believe in the doctrines of their church, waiting to get out of purgatory. I have never spoken to them upon spiritual matters, for I have never felt qualified to do so; but as soon as I progress a little, I will try to enlighten them. Well, I find that she is not anything to me more than a friend. I have no special affection for her, but will try to help her if I can. I must stop. Remember me in your prayers, and believe that I am

Your friend,

Edwin Forrest