In Divine Love James has progressed and is near the Kingdom.

December 27th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I am very happy, and so are you.

Let me tell you that you are very near the kingdom as your grandmother says, for you have a faith that will soon bring you so close to God that you will not let worries or the things of earth trouble you very much. Give all your thoughts to God and to His love and you will soon realize that only His love is necessary for you to become a very spiritual man and one whom the Master will soon use to carry out his work of teaching the people what truth and love are. So do not hesitate to give yourself to God unreservedly and without doubt, and also to believe that the Master is writing to you, and that he loves you in the way that he told you for he does, and you are favored above all others that I know of. He says that you are very close to him and need only more love towards God and more belief in him to become his own dear brother and disciple.

I wonder how that can be when I know that you have been a sinful man, subject to all the temptations of the flesh, and having indulged in these things to a great extent. But it is so, and his selection of you is a surprise to us all, and we can only thank God for his goodness and love in so blessing you. Be only faithful and you will not have to worry about the material things of life for you will be taken care of at all times and in every way that is best.

I know because the Master has told me and he will not tell an untruth or can he be mistaken as he has told you. You will be before very long He will help you to get what is necessary that you may give him your time and work. So do not be too anxious to commence this great work, for in his own time it will be provided for you so that you can give up your professional work, as we have all told you.

Yes, he is with you quite often and is helping you to increase your faith and to love him more, and to believe that he is helping you. He is not one who will forsake you or leave you to go back to your life of sin and doubt. Only be true to him and he will be with you to the end of time; and then when you come over he will receive you and take you to the home that he has prepared for you, which will be a grand one far up in the heavens near the Father’s place of love and truth. This I know because he has told us all that you are to be with him in the spirit world and live in his home of happiness and bliss supreme. I will try, and if you will pray for me, as I know you will, there is no doubt that I will be with you.

Yes, it does, but he knows best, and we must only rejoice that it is so. Your grandmother says that she does not understand why he should have selected you, but he has done so, and you are the most highly favored one on earth, as he says that you shall be so close to him in your love and faith that men will wonder how you could possibly become so filled with God’s love and know the mysteries of his kingdom and the way to life eternal in a heaven of perfect happiness and peace.

So be my own dear Ned, and love me with all your heart and soul – only, I mean, next to the love you have for God and the Master – their love is greater than mine and so must your love for them be greater and more divine.

Yes, I was with you and I saw that you were so very much influenced by the love of God and of the Master that I was greatly helped myself, and felt that if you continued to receive their love in such abundance .you would soon be in a state of love that would carry you way beyond me in your progression, and that I would be left behind, and so when this great love came to you I prayed that I might have it with you and receive a portion, so that I might progress also, and I did receive it and now I am on my way to the higher sphere that I told you I wanted so much to go to. Your mother says that soon I will be with her, and that your prayers and faith will help me so much – so pray for me with all your heart and faith and I will soon realize my fondest hopes.

Oh my darling, to think that after all our earthly troubles, we should now be so much one in love and happiness. It is beyond my comprehension but I can only thank God and praise Him for His mercy and great love.

They all know, even Mr. Riddle, sees that something wonderful is taking place in your spiritual nature and in mine, and he asks us what it all means. We tell him that it is the love of God filling your soul and the love of Jesus taking possession of your heart, which is causing your spiritual nature to undergo such a change, and he says that he does not understand, but that he must try to learn the meaning of it all, and he is now asking us to show him the way, and to pray for him and help him to obtain this wonderful love.

He is here now and wants to write to you a long letter and tell you of his present condition and how much he loves you as his friend and helper. He is not vet firmly convinced that he needs the love of God to make him a redeemed spirit and one with his Father; but he is thinking very deeply and will, I believe, soon realize the truth, and then he will be free indeed, and will love God with an earnest and confiding love, for he is a spirit of great conviction of principle when he has once become convinced of the truth. So try to tell him what he must believe, and you will have much influence with him for he has the greatest confidence in you and your faith and the influence of your prayers.

So if you are feeling well enough let him write to you now, and I will stop, but will write to you again tonight when you come to your room. Yes, go to the church that you have in mind – it will do you good, as the subject matter will be interesting, and the preacher knows something of the conditions of the spirit world.

So goodbye for the present,

With all my love, I am your own loving