In his humility he states what soul religion means.

November 7th, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Gregory.

I was the great pope of Rome who did so much to establish the Romish Church on a firm basis, and to extend its powers and influence throughout the world.

It has been many years since that time and I have had many experiences in the spirit world. I first suffered and lived in darkness, and then got into the light of the spheres where the mind is supreme, and progressed in those spheres until I found that the happiness which came to me from my associations and pursuits there was not sufficient to satisfy the cravings of my soul; for I had learned in life that there was a God of love, and although I had never found that God, yet these recollections of what I had in an intellectual way learned came to me, and I was not satisfied with the happiness of the intellectual spheres, and, as a consequence, I sought the spirits who I knew were possessed of the love of God, and besought them to teach me the way to that Love, and after a long time I became the possessor of that Love and started on my road of progression to the Celestial spheres, where I now live.

If I had only known on earth what soul religion meant and not given all my thoughts to the politics of the Church and to extending its powers and jurisdiction, I would have avoided many long years of suffering and darkness.

So you see, there is only one way to the Heavenly Home and the happiness which belongs to the Father’s Kingdom which the Master is working so hard to establish, and that through the teachings of the Master, which, if understood and followed, ensures the seeker of that Divine Love which makes all spirits inhabitants of the Heavenly Kingdom and gives them a Celestial happiness.

I don’t find that the Church has improved much since my time, and many popes and priests are now going through experiences similar to the ones that I passed through. And many believers in the dogmas of the Catholic Church find that these beliefs are not helping them, but rather retarding them in their souls’ progression.

I could write a long letter on this subject, but have not time tonight. I thank you for receiving my message and would like to come again, if agreeable.

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Gregory, the Pope