Informs the world of these teachings.

January 27th, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Elias:

I have not written you for a long time and tonight I desire to say a few words, and those in reference to your work and the attitude that you have assumed towards it.

It has been a long time since you have received any formal messages from the high spirits, and this loss of time means more to the accomplishment of the design to inform the world of the spiritual truths that are so important to the people, than you probably realize. As has been told you more than once, this delay has been caused by your condition of apparent indifference and failure to place yourself in the condition of soul that is necessary to enable the spirits to make the required rapport.

You should think more seriously of what this means, and how much on you rests this great responsibility, and of the further fact that without your cooperation we cannot make the rapport, and, as a consequence, these messages cannot be delivered. I know that in a way, I may say intellectually, you are willing and ready, as you think, to receive these messages, and that if you are not in condition you don’t exactly understand the reason, and do not know how to remedy the difficulty. But in all this you are mistaken, for it is not merely a matter of having the inclination and intellectual assent to do the work, but, further, the proper condition of your soul’s longings is required, and this will not come to you by a mere acquiescence and willingness to do the work, but an active exercise of the soul’s longings is called for, and you must take the effort to obtain these longings, so that your soul may receive more of the Divine Love.

In messages, such as I speak of, the Divine Love in the soul is the important and vital factor in your condition. You must make greater efforts to get these longings and this Love, so that there will come to you the soul development that will enable the higher spirits to make the rapport. Well, there is only one way in which you can obtain this development and that is by turning your thoughts to the Father and His Love until they shall develop into deep, sincere longings of the soul, and with these longings you should pray with all the earnestness of your nature for the inflowing of this Love. If you will do this, the longings will come and also the Love, and then you will find that your desires will go out to the spirits for communication with them. This is the only way in which you can overcome the difficulties that now prevent the writings. I hope you will think of what I have written, and do as I advise.

I have a message that I desire very much to communicate, and beside me there are numbers of other spirits with similar desires. The most important messages to be delivered are those of the Master, and He is anxious to write.

I will not write more now. Goodnight, and God bless you,

Your brother in Christ,