Ingersoll confirms that Jesus wrote, and spoke the prayer – Ingersoll is overwhelmed in the Master’s presence.

December 2nd, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Ingersoll:

I am here, and desire to say with all the emphasis of my words and soul that the Master wrote you, and gave you the Prayer, which he said is the only prayer that is needful to bring into the souls of men the Divine Love.

He was glorious, and it is not surprising that you felt the influence of his presence and love, and I, who have so recently experienced what this love is, tell you that your feelings were real and that that love is present, and that we spirits feel it, as well as you two mortals.

Astonishing to us, as to you, is the power of this love and the greatness of the Master, for with him seems to come the influence of the very Father, Himself. How every thankful I am that I found the way to this love, and it found its way to my soul! What a loving Father, and what a tender Master, to teach us of this Great Gift!

I could not restrain myself from writing, as the opportunity came to testify of this love and of the Master, and I felt that, as I had so often declared on earth that there was no such thing, I must now and always when the opportunity arises declare the truth of the Divine Love and the Holy Spirit, and the glorious Jesus.

I must not write more tonight.

So believe that it is I who write, and that I can with all the certainty of love declare that I am Your brother in Christ,