Ingersoll is praying for Divine Love.

September 23rd, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Robert G. Ingersoll.

I come to you again because I desire to thank you and tell you of the great good you have done me in introducing me to the beautiful spirits who form your band. Of course, I knew Riddle, but I must confess that he was so beautiful and bright that I hardly knew him, and also I wondered at his appearance because it was very different from mine and that of a number of other spirits who are here with me and who are friends of mine.

As I said before, Riddle was on earth a man who thought somewhat as I did, and I had never heard of his becoming a convert to Christianity; and consequently when I met him here I was impressed at his appearance, for it was the same as the appearance of a great number of spirits whom I have met here and who claim to be Christians. And when Riddle told me the cause of his appearance I was more surprised than before, because I did not think that he would let himself become convinced that there was any truth in the Christian doctrines. But once I have talked with him, I find that his belief is not in the Christian doctrines as taught by the churches on earth, but rather in the teachings of Jesus, which Riddle has learned since he became a spirit.

I also talked to your grandmother – and what a beautiful, wise and powerful spirit she is. She explained to me the meaning of the New Birth as taught by Jesus and as believed in by all his followers, and I must confess that it appears to be very reasonable and simple of understanding.

I have thought a great deal about this matter and I am commencing to think that there is some reality in this question of the New Birth and that it has a substance as well as a theory for its existence. Your grandmother told me many wonderful truths about spirit life, and especially the life in the higher spheres, and I am inclined to believe what she said because they are all so in harmony with reason and common sense. She is so very lovely that I cannot but believe that her appearance is due to the possession of this Divine Love of which she tells me, and I am now trying to follow her advice and seek to obtain it. I do what I did not do on earth – and that is pray to God in the hope that He will answer my prayers. This will appear most surprising to many who read my books and believe in them, for I always in a manner ridiculed the idea of prayer.

But so it is now that I am earnestly praying for light and for an inflowing of this Divine Love into my soul. I am just as open-minded now as I was when on earth, and if the truth of a thing can be shown me I am ready at all times to investigate and learn whether it is true or not.

As regards the truth of the Divine Love, I have so many evidences as to its existence and the wonderful work that it does that I feel that it is due to myself to learn what this Love is, and, if possible, obtain it for myself.

All the spirits of your band claim to have obtained this New Birth and to be possessed of this Divine Love of God, and their appearances certainly indicate that they are possessed of something which beautifies and makes them lovely over and above what the spirits who do not believe in Christianity possess.

I will write you again when I learn the result of my prayers and what effect this Love, should I get it, has on me.

If what they tell me is true and proves so in my case, I will proclaim the same from every housetop in no uncertain words, and I may ask you to receive my expressions of belief and joy that I have found such a truth.

I will not write more tonight, as you have written a great deal already.

I have seen Jesus, but I have never talked with him. He seems to be a very close friend to you, for I see him with you a great deal, and writing to you. I will emphatically say that I have never seen any spirit in all this world compare with Jesus in beauty and grandeur, and power and love and humility. I will soon have an interview with him and ask him to tell me the truths of the plan of man’s salvation.

So I will say good night.

Your friend,

Robert G. Ingersoll