Is now a follower of the Master’s teachings of Divine Love.

August 1st, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, George Washington:

I was the first President of the United States.

I came to tell you that I am a spirit who is now a follower of the Master and that I have found the Love of God and am an inhabitant of the first Celestial sphere, where my home is one of happiness and love.

I am not so much interested in the affairs of earth as I once was, and I do not attempt to influence the men who are at the head of public affairs as I did a few years ago. Now I see that the things of the earth are only temporary and need not the oversight of spirits who have advanced to the higher spheres, and consequently, I don’t at this time take an interest in such matters. But I am interested in the individual souls of men and in their spiritual welfare and I am doing what I can to help them develop their soul qualities. So when you read that I am advising the rulers of the nation, or others who have to do with the making of its laws or the execution of them, you must conclude that such messages are not from me or in any manner suggested by me.

I am now interested in men as individuals because that welfare exists through all eternity and not for time only, as does the welfare of the nation. Of course, as men become possessed of the higher soul development the condition and excellence of the nation will be benefitted and increased, and men’s happiness, both individually and in the aggregate, will be much increased, and will make them more at one with the Father, and as a consequence, the brotherhood of man will be more effective in working good.

But the brotherhood of man is not the great object for which men should work or preach. First, let each man receive in his heart this Divine Love of the Father, and then the true principles which should exist in the brotherhood of man will find their existence, and men not only as individuals but as brothers will find that they will be happier, and devote themselves to serving one another and to causing the greatest good to the greatest numbers. No mere philanthropical desires of men will bring about the great millenium that men look forward to in organizing and fostering what they call the brotherhood of men.

Of course, men should endeavor to love one another even if they do not have this Divine Love in their souls, but such love will not be sufficient to form a brotherhood that will last and grow under all circumstances. Men’s desires are not naturally of the kind that unite them together in one great object, and where their material interests or love of power or ambition to extend their territorial or commercial interests come in conflict with this natural love for one another the natural love must succumb, and as a result war will ensue, and hatred and envy and the desire to overcome one another will take the place of love and brotherhood. Only when men shall get this Divine Love in their hearts will they be able to overcome these natural desires.

So I say, the great and only preachment is the obtaining of a brotherhood of man founded upon the Divine Love existing in the individual souls. Without this the brotherhood will be founded on sinking sand and no stability will make it a thing of lasting existence.

I have written enough for my first attempt.

As to the present terrible war, I do not see that it had any excuse much less justification, and the results that will follow are beyond the conception of the wisest statesmen. I do not know how or when it will end, but to me it seems that the allies must prevail, and the Germans and Austrians be compelled to submit to the dictates of their antagonists.

But ere that time comes, many a man will become a spirit, and many an orphan and widow will be made to hunger and suffer the pangs of distress.

Let men fight if they will, but the truths of the Father will always continue to stand and call for men to recognize and embrace them.

So my friend, I must stop.

Thanking you for your kindness, I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,

George Washington