James asks about the Baptism and Ann answers.

September 9th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother:

All I know about the origin of the Book of Revelation is what I have heard from John (St. John), and he has told me substantially what he has told you, and I believe what he has said – I know that many things in the Book are not true, and that its mysteries are not worth attempting to fathom, because they do not contain any spiritual truths – These truths are so plain and so simple that it requires no mysterious statement of them to be made, so that men will hesitate to understand their import. So my advice to you is to receive what the Master may write and believe in what he communicates.

Question: What about Baptism?

Well, baptism is not essential to a man’s salvation. It is merely symbolical of the truth of a reuniting with the Love of the Father, and when you can receive that love in substance and reality, what is the need of resorting to a mere shadow. I tell you that no baptism or drinking wine and eating bread in remembrance of Jesus is necessary to salvation, and are not even advisable so far as the actual salvation of man is concerned, because many persons when they are baptized believe that is all that is necessary to salvation, and neglect the real development of the soul, and the desire to have the inflowing of the Divine Love, without which there is no salvation. Have faith and trust in the Master.

So with all my love,

I am your own loving,


(Ann Rollins)