James calls for a Spirit of love and St. John arrives.

June 28th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am the spirit of St. John. You called for a spirit of love and I came, because I am such a spirit.

I am the disciple whom Jesus loved and who loved him more than did any of the others.

No, and neither has any spirit in all God’s universe. He, Jesus, is the one who loves the Father to a greater degree and has the Father’s Love above all others.

Yes, I know that he comes to you and tells you the truths of God, and of His love for you and for all mankind.I feel that he is anxious to have you receive these truths and make them known to mankind, and you will have the power to do so, for he is determined that you shall be his disciple as I was when on earth; and I want to tell you that he loves you very much and is attracted to you beyond his attraction to any other mortal at this time.

You will have a wonderful opportunity to get close to him and to receive the influence of his presence as well as of his love. So do not fail to do everything in your power to accomplish the task that you have undertaken.The first great truth is – God is Love, and the second is – You must be born again. These are the two greatest truths of the Bible. I consider them greater than the commandments to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Yes, I am St. John of the Bible.

I live in a Celestial Sphere which is far above the seventh spiritual sphere. I am with a number of disciples and others who have in their hearts an abundance of God’s Love. My sphere is not numbered, and it needs no number, for it is near the highest. The Master is higher than anyone else in his home.

I do not live on an island as you say, but my home is in the great city where the redeemed of God live. And I am the leader of the city in the teachings of this Love and its government. I am working for the good of all its inhabitants as well as for spirits in a lower plane and sometimes for mortals.

I will come to you again sometime and write you some of the truths in my city

Well, I will explain my meaning when I come again, and will say now that the word which created the universe was not Jesus but God, and He alone. This gives you an idea of what I meant.

Well, I will say you are very near the Master, and he loves you and I love you also.

So my young brother, I will say goodnight.

St. John of the Bible