James completely accepts Jesus.

April 4th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you today and I heard you declare your belief in me and my being the Jesus of the Bible; and while it did not have much impression on the hearers, yet it will cause them to think, and possibly lead them to a realization that I am the true Jesus and that my teachings which you will receive are the teachings of truth. I was much pleased that you declared yourself so emphatically and earnestly, and that your faith in me is so fixed and certain.

You have advanced yourself in the way of your spiritual development by such positive assertion of your belief, and you will find that your faith will increase and you will progress in your development very rapidly.

I will now be able to communicate with you more satisfactorily than before, for the mere fact of declaring you belief in such a way, and the knowledge that those to whom you spoke do not believe that I am other than God, a part of God, will help you beyond what you may conceive.

You are now much more in rapport with me than ever, and you will soon realize that you are very near the Kingdom of the Father.

The discourse on forgiveness made a deep impression on the father, and he will commence to think that his belief in the church dogmas and creeds does not satisfy the longings of his soul, as they have heretofore.

Be my true disciple under all circumstances, and your reward will be great, both here and hereafter.

I will come to you soon and finish my last discourse, and when completed, you will see that the truths which I shall declare are truths that will show man that the Love of the Father is the one all-sufficient means to His Kingdom and favor. Be true to me and to yourself, and you will be one of the overcomers who will inherit the eternal Kingdom of the Holy Home of redeemed spirits.

You will not only feel the great benefit yourself of this great truth of the New Birth, but you will lead many others to embrace the truth and receive the benefits of the Father which He has prepared for all who may love Him and receive His Love.

So my dear brother and disciple, let your efforts continue to learn these truths, and teach others the way of my truths and their own redemption.

I will be with you very often, for on you I depend to receive and spread my Gospel of Truth; and when you have done this, mankind will turn from their condition of formal religion and embrace the true and only way to their salvation. A new church will arise, and the Love of the Father waiting to be bestowed on all men will be the foundationstone of its establishment.

I know that you will have disappointments and trials in doing this work, but only be faithful and steadfast, and the great object of my teachings will be accomplished on earth, as in Heaven.

I must not write more now, but I want to assure you that your action today is of more significance than you realize, and you will soon see the importance of what you declared in the presence of those who doubt the truth of your declarations.

So with my love and assurance of tender care, and the blessings of the Father, I am

Your own loving and true brother,