James’ cousin asks for help for she is in darkness.

March 29th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Laura Burroughs, your cousin:

Oh, my dear Edward, you do something to help me. I am so unhappy and need help so much. I am in such darkness and pain that I can scarcely see the light of day, I mean the light that enables me to see my surroundings. I am also so lonely and without love or sympathy.

I feel that you can help me, so pray do so.

Yes, I have seen several beautiful spirits but I did not believe that they had interest enough in me to help me and so I turned aside from them. I don’t understand why I am in this condition and no one has explained it so far. I thought that maybe you might show me some way to get out of my awful condition. I thought so because I saw other spirits writing to you who are in this darkness as I am and they said that you had helped them.

Why I see Aunt Nancy and your Mother and Helen and your Father and others I don’t know. How beautiful and happy they look to be. Why are they so beautiful? Of, if I could only be like them. Tell me, Ed., why it is, and tell me what made them so.

Yes, I will and she is calling me now. Oh, how glad that I came here. I feel better already. Dear Aunt Nancy, she will love me I know and so will cousin Ann and Helen. Oh, how glad I am. I am now going with them, so good bye.

My dear Cousin.