James’ daughter writes her second letter.

December 29th, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Nita:

Well, Daddy, this is the night that I was to write my message, and I was looking forward to doing so, but mother tells me that I had better wait until another night when you may be feeling better and have more time to receive it, and while I am disappointed, I will wait; but I hope it will be soon.

Oh, Daddy, you don’t know how anxious I am to write and tell you of the things that I have experienced and how happy I am, and how much I love you and want you to believe that I am with you and love me.

I am progressing and growing happier and more beautiful, as mother tells me, all the time. I know something of heaven and the Father’s Love, and of Jesus who comes to you and to me also, and tells me of wonderful things that are awaiting me in the higher spheres. Oh, I wish that I could explain to you all that I know and see and realize, for then I know you would strive with all your might to get in the condition that the spirits desire you to have.

Yes, I have, and she is here, but so unhappy and sad and suffering. I am trying to help her. I see that you doubt. Do not, but wait a little while and you will hear from Edward.

Daddy, love me with all your heart and continue to pray for me. I am with you at night when you pray and feel so much helped.

Goodnight, my dear Daddy.

Your own loving,