James’ father explains more, that he is a Guardian Angel to James.

March 13th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your father:

I have been waiting a long time to write but there were so many others so anxious to write, and who could either do you much good or you do them good that I refrained and did not want your vitality to be drawn on too much.

Well I understand, my dear boy, and hereafter I will not wait so long to write you. You must know this, though, that I am with you very, very often, and am looking after you, trying to help you and make you happy, and protect you from the undesirable influences. No, I have not surrendered my guardianship, and won’t until you shall come to us, when you will no longer need me.

I am glad that you are progressing in your soul development, and that you are doing your work. You cannot realize the good that you are doing among these dark spirits who come to you so often for help, and what gratitude they frequently express for your help. I am very happy that you have this great work to do, and so are we all, and we love you more and more as the days go by, and pray the Father to bless you and give you more of His Love.

Well, I am in the Seventh Sphere, and with my soulmate, and we are very happy together. Your mother is also very happy and while her soulmate is not in the sphere with her, yet he has made wonderful progress, and loves her with a deep and holy love, such as, he says, he never dreamed of while on earth.

Well, my son, I will come again very soon; but remember, I am very close to you, and see your worries and your joys, and always am trying to remove the one and increase the other. I must tell you that your grandmother will come very soon and write you, as she says, she has a very important message to deliver. What a wonderful wise and beautiful spirit she is.

Well they are still very happy in the love of each other, and have made some progress in their soul development. They are together, and are in the fifth sphere and are thinking much of the soul’s need for the Divine Love. I am with them quite frequently, and tell them of the happiness that is ahead of them if they will only seek for it. Helen goes to them too, and tells them of this Love and the beauties of her home. They seem to love her very much, and think her one of the most beautiful spirits that come to them, and she is too.

So remember what I say, and bid me goodnight. I love you very much and have your happiness continually in view, and I know that you will be happy and realize what you desire in the way of performing your work.

Goodnight and God bless you,

Your loving Father