James learns of his parent’s soulmate.

December 20th, 1914

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your mother:

I am your mother and I want to write you a few lines for you have not let me write lately, so do not think that you are not very dear to me, for you are still my own darling boy.

I am very happy as your father is now in a sphere where he is more spiritual and happy, as he has told you. His soulmate is with him very often and she loves him very much, but he does not yet seems to realize that she is the only one for him to love. He still has some of the old love for me which he had on earth, but that is not the true soulmate love, and he will soon realize it. So do not think that he is not very happy because I am not for him. He is a very bright spirit and needs only more of God’s love to make him perfectly contented with his lot. Oh my darling boy, I am so glad that your soulmate is Helen. She is so beautiful and lovely now that she has found God’s love that I can hardly tell you how beautiful she is.

I am very happy also, but my soulmate is still in the earth plane and does not seem to progress so rapidly as he should. I wish that you could talk to him as you did to your father, for I believe that it would do him good. You seem to have a wonderful influence with the spirits of men who are in a condition of sin and darkness. God is certainly good to you and has favored you beyond my greatest expectations. You seem to have the faith that calls for an answering ear and for a love that reaches to the very throne of God, and I believe that you will in some way do a great deal of good in the spirit world as well as in the earth.

Jesus is also interested in you and loves you with more than ordinary love. He seems to think that you will be of great help to him, and he is trying to show you the way to the Father’s love and favor. So do not doubt what I say.

I know that, but you will meet him or I will bring him to you before long, and have him write to you, and then you can tell him of what you know about God’s love, and the necessity of his believing that he must give his whole heart to God.

Yes, I can, and will later, when I bring him to you. I have a very good influence over him but not sufficient to cause him to believe in the Father’s love being a necessity to his advancement. He is not a very spiritual man, and never was, but he is goodhearted and will listen to you. I know as you seem to have the power to make spirits listen to you. I do not understand why but it is so. So be very careful of this great power which God has given you, for if you should not do what I believe God has in store for you to do He might not continue the power, or might withdraw himself from you in the way that I mention.

I will still believe that you are his special object of love and favor, only do not neglect to do His will.

I must stop now for you are tired.

Your mother