James provides some insight for the Dr. and James’ work.

January 8th, 1917.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, James:

I want to say a few words to you and the Dr. for as you know I am especially interested in him as his guardian and spiritual helper. I of course do not have the opportunity to write him as often as I should desire, but yet I am with him very much trying to help him in his soul developing and in his spiritual understanding of the heavenly things that Luke has just written of, and I am glad to inform him that he is progressing in his soul development, and in his rapport with the spirits of the higher spheres.

I am with him frequently as he tells others of the Divine Love, and the other truths pertaining to the spirit world, and sometimes I suggest to him thoughts, which I see may be beneficial to his hearers. He may think that sometimes the thoughts that he conveys to those with whom he talks are thrown to the winds and leave no impression on the minds of his hearers, and sometimes this is true, but I must tell him here, that in many cases they take root, at least, for the time being, and cause these hearers to think and wonder if there can be any truth in what they hear, and as to how they may learn more of the things that are told them. He is doing a good work in this way, and must continue to do so, for there is no telling when a word or idea dropped into the mind of other people, may find lodgment, and grow into greater and wider thoughts, and cause serious inquiries as to the truth.

What he says has this advantage over what is generally taught as to religious matters, and that is that his thoughts as he expresses them are new and not objectionable to reason, and as a consequence – the hearers wonder how the thoughts could have arisen and give to their consideration more attention than they otherwise would do. All the world is ready for the truth that will satisfy the soul and liberate the mind from creeds and unreasonable beliefs, and whenever anyone speaks such truth it is heard no matter what its source, the anxious soul will grasp it, and often meditate over it.

He must keep up his courage and belief in his spirit friends, who are behind and with him, helping him in this part of his work, for it is a part but not the important part.

Have faith and let his soul reach out more and more for the great love of which he speaks and believes in, and he will realize in the not far distant future a power that he little conceives of.

He must know this also, that he is being prepared and developed for the great work which he has to do, that will help very largely to make certain and convincing the truths that you are receiving in the messages.

He must have patience and he will not be disappointed, for the powers that are with him are great enough to carry forward the great work which is set before him to do. Even now they could fill him with the power which will be his, but the time is not yet in the order of the plan which has been determined on for the forwarding of the work that must be done.

I am pleased that I could write this to-night, as I feel that though he has much faith, yet he must also have encouragement based on what will be his as the time comes for helping humanity.

Love is the great thing, and he who teaches the way to that love is a great instrument in the work of the Father, and his position of a good and faithful servant, will be one that even angels may envy. This is not extravagance, but actual truth, and I know that when he shall have finished his work, and come to his spirit home, he will realize that what I have said is a faint representation of the actual fact.

I must not write more to-night.

With my love to you both, and the promise of continuous help, I will say, goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,