James with the Spirit, Bright Star engages in questions and answers.

June 8th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Bright Star:

Yes, I did. Let me tell you that I am with you tonight for the purpose of helping you get out of your despondency. You must not be so downhearted. You are too lonely to be left alone. Go to the Lord for help. I am not the only one here. Your wife and father and mother and grandmother and Christ and Prof. Salyards are here. I know him very well, he is your friend and my friend. He is not the only one that you will hear from tonight.

Come to the Saviour’s love and you will be helped.

Question: Are you Bright Star?

Yes, I am, and you must believe that I am. Yes, very often I come to help you and try to let you know that you are not to be left to your own ways of thinking.

Shall I go to Mrs. R. B.?

Yes, you must come soon and I will talk to you and you will know that I am the Indian Squaw that you spoke to when you were present on the two occasions that you visited the medium.

Question by Mr. Padgett: Who wrote Saturday night?

You were written to by your father and mother and grandmother and your wife, also Jesus. Yes, he will if you will call for him, he will teach you the truths of the Bible and of his own knowledge. He is the greatest of all teachers. He is a lovely spirit and loves you and all mankind. Be a true follower of his teachings and you will become a very spiritual man. He is the only one for you to follow. Yes I do, and he teaches me and all of us who have the love of God in our hearts.

Question: Are you Indians in the earth plane?

I am in the fourth sphere. We are only in the earth plane to help you mortals. Our home is not here, but higher up.

Question: Are visits to Mrs. R. especially beneficial?

No! it is not, but you may be helped some by learning that your friends are not dead, but living.

Question: Did the spirits actually speak to me at the séance?

Yes, they all spoke to you and you cannot help but believe that they did.

Question: What was the meaning of the light?

It was merely the power of the spirit manifested. No, it did not mean anything in particular, it was merely an evidence of the presence of spiritual power. Yes; your wife is the one provided for you.

Question: Do you know Mr. Colburn?

Yes, I do. He is a very good man and is gifted with the power of clairvoyance and having taps come to him. He is not a very strong medium, but is going to become such in the near future. You will be able to help him develop as a medium in the way of writing with the planchette. You are too spiritual to be long without the power of seeing the truth of the Lord’s ways. Yes, but not in as great a degree as you will soon have. You are very near the kingdom. Keep trying for the light and you will soon get it, and then you will be able to help mankind in a spiritual and a physical way. Be only true to yourself and God.

Question: Did not the people at the seance think of her only in a material way?

Yes, that is the way that they thought of me, but I am more than that. I have a spiritual side to my being as well as the side that they know of. You however can see the spiritual side for you are spiritually minded and not satisfied with mere phenomena and with you I like to talk of spiritual things.

Let me go now.


Bright Star