Jesus comforts James as he is downhearted.

July 16th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

I see your condition and I will help you if you will only continue to believe in me. I know that everything looks very dark and no light seems to shine ahead, but it is coming.


Yes I know, but it will come in time, and you will be relieved, if you will only trust me. So do not be so downhearted but look to the Father for His help.

I am the Jesus who writes to you and no other. I came today because you are so downhearted.


Well, he will find his mistake someday, for no other spirit writes to you in my name and you must believe. Let him alone in his belief, for as I have told you, a spirit from the dead, should it appear to him in the form of an angel, would not convince him. So do not let what he may say disturb you. Cheer up and you will triumph and will soon see the light breaking.

He* is on the way and will soon receive the Divine Love to a very large degree. He is a very spiritual man and is progressing in his soul development.

So believe that I am with you and pray to the Father.

Your own true brother and friend.


* Dr Leslie R Stone.