Jesus confirms James’ good work in helping dark Spirits find Divine Love.

April 7th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Well, you have my love and help, and you must realize that I am with you very much, as I am.

I wish to tell you that you are not in such a good condition tonight for much writing as your nervous forces are not exactly suitable for the strain which writing imposes upon you. I know that you do not understand just what this means, but I know, and tell you, so that you may not write very much.

I do not think that in permitting the unfortunate to write as you have determined that they may write, will injure your rapport with your band or with me. You are doing them much good, and the influence that you seem to have with these unfortunate spirits is surprising, and to many other spirits seems a very remarkable thing. I know just what your kindness and desire to help means, and that you not only benefit them who come to you and are happy, but also benefit many who are not able to write, for these latter see that you have helped the former, and they naturally make inquiries as to what you said to them, and what course you advised them to pursue; and as a consequence of what they hear they seek the help of other spirits.

There are great hosts of these unhappy spirits who come to you or gather around when you are writing. Of course, they cannot all write; and yet, they who do not write are just as anxious to get relief from the condition of darkness in which they are, as are the others, and naturally try to learn the way out. Many of these spirits, after learning and seeing what benefit the few whom you advise have derived, of their own volition turn to the brighter spirits and ask advice. They seem to think that these brighter spirits may be somewhat interested in them, and, consequently, they seek their help. You are doing a good work and must not stop, for if you do, you will cause many spirits to remain in darkness for a much longer time than they otherwise would.

I want to tell you that I am anxious to continue my messages, and so have been very free from them, and your band should save you from being bothered by them.

Your Indian guide is strong enough to keep them away, and he will do so, I have no doubt. Your band also is strong enough to keep away the strongest of these evil spirits and they will do so.

Yes, so far you have, and I have been very much pleased that you have. You certainly have a way that overcomes these evil spirits and turns them to higher things, and causes them to listen to the bright spirits. You must not doubt or become disheartened.

I will stop now as your wife wants to write a little.

With all my love, I am