Jesus confirms to James that no other mortal has received his teachings on The New-Birth in Divine Love.

March 24th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Of course you must remember that I don’t know everything that has happened or that is going to happen. I have my limitations as have other spirits but of course my knowledge and powers are more extended than are those of other spirits. This is true because I am nearer my Father, fountainhead of wisdom and power, and consequently can draw therefrom more than can other spirits. Yet I am limited as I said and should you ask me some questions and I not be able to answer them with knowledge, I will tell you and you must not be surprised or disappointed at my inability to do so.

I was not present and don’t know and cannot guess. Well that is a difficult question to answer for it involves so much of my very existence that I feel that my ability is to tell you is limited.

I love you so very much that I have come from my celestial home many times just to be with you and help and influence you in right thinking and living; and no spirit who has never seen the grandeur and happiness of these Celestial Spheres can conceive what it means to leave these precincts and mingle in the forbidding earth atmosphere.

I love you so much that I am writing to exert my powers to help you in your material affairs and to keep you from worry and unhappiness as far as possible.

And I love you so much that I am trying to have you become so spiritual and good that you may be fitted for a home in my sphere when the time comes for you to come over; and this latter beneficence has never yet been given to any mortal. But if you will follow me and live with me in love and unison you will be able to experience this great transformation and become an inhabitant of my home as I said.

Well you are a sinner, as you say, but when I tell you of how you may become so spiritual and good you must believe me for I know whereof I speak and speak in all earnestness and truth.

Yes, I did, for you called me to you by your earnest aspirations and prayers to the Father. and what you then saw in your imaginings may very easily come true, except that I will never materialize again on earth. The other portions of your day dreams may become realities, and the happiness that you felt will be increased many folds. The thought that you have as to fitting up a room in the way you pictured, is one that should be carried into execution; for such a room would be very attractive to the higher spirits, and would cause many of them to assemble and give you many truths of the higher spheres. I, of course, would do my writing there, and it would be much easier for us both, for conditions would not be mixed as they necessarily are now. So when you get your home carry out your ideas as to that room.

Yes, I have, and it was one of the first times that I ever communicated with mortals. The conditions were good both for the spirits and for Dr. Peebles and his companion. But of course I did not talk in any extended manner. The spirit who transmitted the communications was not in that degree of spiritual development that enabled us to teach the higher truths in all their fullness and beauty. Dr. Peebles is a good man and very highly developed spiritually, but he does not yet know the way, the truth and the life as I taught them. He does not know the mystery of the New Birth as I have taught it to you; and he is resting in the belief that if he loves God and his fellow man in the natural way that is all that is necessary for his highest development and greatest happiness. Some day he will realize that only the Divine Love can give him of a Divine Nature, and that no self development or cultivation of the Natural Love to the greatest and most sublime extent are sufficient to make him at one with the Father in the divine sense that I wrote of, and which makes the spirit a partaker of this Divine Essence of the Father. So should you ever meet him explain to him the difference between the two loves and what the New Birth means.

Well, as I have written you a long message and as you want to hear from some of your band I will close.

Yes he (Mr. Crowell) has realized the New Birth and is teaching it to spirits. He seems very anxious to write more through you, and he will very soon, as I tell your band that he is in a condition to not interfere with their rapport. So when he comes listen to him, and you will learn many truths which he has learned since he came over.

With my truest love and best wishes and blessings, I am Your own spirit brother and friend,