Jesus continues the teaching on the harmony of God’s Laws.

January 12th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I will continue my discourse.

As I was saying, the chief object of my mission on earth was to teach the rebestowal of the Divine Love upon man and the way to obtain it; and the secondary object was to teach men those moral truths which would tend to make them better in their conduct towards their fellowman, and purer in their natural love.

And so it is, that in my teachings of these moral truths, the effect of these teachings was to bring man more in harmony with the laws of the Father, which control the operations of the natural love. I never at any time intended that men should understand that these moral truths would bring about their union with the Father in the divine sense, or that the possession of this natural love in its purest state would enable man to become a partaker of God’s Divine Nature, or an inhabitant of His Kingdom.

But as I have said, the only object apparently that these compilers and writers of the Bible had to accomplish, was to persuade men that the observance of these moral teachings in their conduct was all that was necessary to enable them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I know that it is said that love and almsgiving and kind deeds will work to a man’s salvation and enable him to become at one with the Father and to enjoy the presence of God in the high heavens, but this is not true.

The good deeds which men perform in the way of helping his fellowman will live after him, and will undoubtedly work towards a man becoming perfect in his natural love, but they will not bring that man in at-onement with the Father in the Higher Love which is so necessary to his full salvation.

My messages to you while they will not take one jot or tittle from the moral teachings, yet they will show to man the necessity and way to obtain a full reconciliation with the Father and a home in the Celestial Spheres.

I will come to you again and write upon a subject which is important to you, and which men should understand.

So with all my love I will say good-night.

Your brother and friend,