Jesus informs James that Eugene Morgan is a naturally Spiritual man.

October 30th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I only wish to say that I am glad that the mother of your friend (Eugene Morgan) wrote to him tonight, because I have been interested in him for a little while past, and so much desire that he shall learn the truth. He is naturally a spiritual man, and the long years of his lonesome life have been filled with thoughts and ideas that did not tend to fit him for an entrance into the spirit world; and his awakening will be very beneficial to him and will result, as I see, in his seeking for the Divine Love of the Father and his salvation from error and acts that would only tend to keep him in a state of darkness, both in earth and in the spirit world. And when I say darkness, I mean it in the sense of the want of the proper understanding and experiences of the truths of what will make him a man of light as regards his soul perceptions in the earth life; and in the spirit world, both that kind of darkness and actual darkness, meaning an absence of light, for spirits who come to the spirit world undeveloped are not only in a condition of darkness, but in a place of darkness as well.

His mother wrote him a beautiful and loving letter, and if he could have seen her while she was writing, he would be convinced that she was not only his mother, but a mother whose heart is overflowing with love for him.

Although I am the Jesus whom many worship as God – but I am not – and although I am the most developed spirit in the Celestial Heavens, and have such powers as no other spirit has, yet to me each child of God is precious and the object of my love and care; and when I have the opportunity of coming in sensitive, positive contact with a mortal, as I have with him by reason of his being here with you and being in an atmosphere which enables us to communicate our desires and loves to that mortal, I do not think that, because of my exalted position as a spirit and child of the Father, I must not come to the mortal and let him know that I am interested in him and want him to seek the Divine Love of the Father.

No mortal is so insignificant or so unimportant that I will not seek him as an individual and let him know that I am interested in him and that my love is with him, trying to bring him into reconciliation with the Father.

So let your friend know that he has a brother and friend in Jesus, and that his happiness is the happiness of his brother.

I write in this way tonight because I want to see this man a redeemed son of the Father, and a possessor of that Great Love that will make him happy on earth, and happier when he comes to the spirit world. To me, every mortal who is not in the fold of God’s children is that one who went astray, and to find whom I left the ninety and nine.

You, my dear brother, will understand this, and you can help your brother – and many brothers – to learn the great truths of their souls’ salvation and their spiritual progression.

I will not write more tonight, as you are tired, though you may not realize it.

So, with my love and blessings, I am

Your brother and friend,