Jesus is filled with so much love for James.

December 14th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well I am so glad that you are so longing for this Love and I will tell you that the Father loves you with all His Divine nature, and is helping you to receive this Love into Your soul, and you will soon receive it in such abundance that you will find yourself happy beyond all conception. And I love you too with all my heart and soul, and am very near you and try to make you feel my presence and influence. Rest assured that I am with you in all my love and tenderness and that you are the special object of my care and keeping. I wish that you could see me as I write this for I am filled with so much love for you, that I know, if you could see the glory of the Father displayed you would never again doubt my love. Oh, my brother, only try to get this Love by prayer and faith in such a way that it will become as real to you as anything which your natural senses show you to exist in the physical world.

It is more real than anything in all nature, and you have in you the possibilities of realizing that it is an existing thing, and is yours, if you will only pray and believe. I am with you in prayer at night , and with all my love and faith I ask the Father to bless you and make you a true partaker of His Love and mercy, and to give you the assurance that you will receive and know that you have it.

My dear brother I must stop now, but your longings tonight have been so great and so earnest that I could not stop without telling you as I have. And remember this that I, Jesus, with all the knowledge and authority that I possess, tell you that the Love of the Father shall be yours, and you will become a most happy man, and a power on earth in things spiritual and which pertain to the Father’s business.

So believe me and trust the Father, and you will not be forsaken or left alone, but will be surrounded by a host of witnessing angels that you are the chosen child of the Father, and the object of His Great Love and blessings.

I will not write more now, but I will say, that I love you as a true brother and friend, and even as a closer one to you; and you must believe, and yours will be the happiness that few on earth possess.

So with all the great love that is mine I will say goodnight and God bless you.

Your friend and brother,