Jesus is pleased that James is receiving the Inflowings of Divine Love.

April 1st, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

I have been with you very much to-day, trying to cheer you with my love and influence. You are much better than you were yesterday or a few days past, and your soul is in a condition of development and love that it has not been in for a long time. The Love of the Father is with you and filling your soul to an extent that you can hardly realize, for it is a Love that knows no limitation and is without bound or cessation.

I am glad that you are experiencing this great inflowing of this Love of the Father, and with it will come a faith that will make the Father seem very near to you.

Try to realize the presence of this great Love more and more, and you will find a happiness that you have never before felt, and a great peace will come to you that will make your worries disappear and leave you a free man. So my dear brother, let this confidence in the Father take possession of you, and believe that there is nothing that can separate you from this great Love and happiness.

I wanted to write this to you so that you may know that the feelings and thoughts which you have are not the mere imaginings of your own mind, but the real, true and substantial things that I tell you of.

Keep praying to the Father, and His Love will come to you in increasing abundance, and with this Love will come a wonderful faith that will make real, all the longings and aspirations of your soul, so that you will know that the Father has the personality that I wrote you of a few nights ago.

I am pleased with you and with your efforts to become a true child of the Father and in unison with Him, and a recipient of His favor and mercy. Go not in the way of the wicked, nor associate with those whose thoughts are given to the evils of the material life, or to those things which are not approved of by the Father, or by His higher spirits who so often now come to you.

I am with you and you have all my love and help to enable you to become pure in heart, as you so often now pray you may become. Keep praying and you will find that this condition of soul will be yours, and with it will come a realization that you have been regenerated, and are at-one with the Father and His Love. Your blessings will be great and the happiness that will come to you will be beyond all conception that you may now have of what happiness may be.

I must not write more now, but will say, only believe in me, and trust to the Father, and all things that may be needful will be added unto you, and you will not be forsaken or left to your troubles, alone. I will be with you to-night and will try to write you another message, after you have received the messages from the dark spirits, who will come to you for help.

So with all my love and the blessings of an elder brother, I will say good-by for the present.Your brother and friend.