Jesus nurtures James and encourages him to be in more faith.

March 26th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

It is that degree of belief that enables you to know, as a reality, that what presents itself to your consciousness as a truth is in fact a truth, and an existing condition. It is not a mere intellectual belief, but a belief of the soul which makes the belief a reality.

I know that this faith is the only one that can make you realize that I am who and what I declare myself to be. Let this faith take possession of your soul, and you will be a very happy and progressive man. I am not here tonight to discuss spiritual subjects, but merely to help you in your troubles over material things. When you get in proper condition to write my messages, then I will finish my last subject which we left unfinished.

So my dear brother, and friend and worker, try to let these things leave your mind, and believe what I tell you, for I say again that they will come true.

Well, the devil is with you all the time. He is not a person as many think, but merely the evil suggestions that result from the operations of the thoughts of the unregenerate man. Every man has his devils, who cling close to him, and can only be gotten rid of by the operations of the Holy Spirit. So do not think that the devil is something that has form or independent personality, for he is not. You are the creator and nourisher of your own devil, and until you get into a state which leaves no room for his presence he will abide with you.

Well, the influences and suggestions that come from evil spirits would not have any effect, if man were not in that condition of sympathy with such spirits as enables them to become, as it were, a part of him. I know that many men are possessed or obsessed by these evil spirits but if they, the men, would only seek the higher spiritual conditions these spirits would not harm them.

Well, that is one of the subjects of my messages, and I will delay to answer until I write that message. Yes the time will soon come when you will know these things.

I must stop now as you are not in condition to write much more, and your wife wants to say a word.

So with my true and brotherly love, I am