Jesus reveals he never traveled to India or Greece to study their philosophies.

June 29th, 1915

Received by James Padgett,

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, you must have more faith, and pray more. These are the important things, and the next is, that you must call on me when you get despondent and need consolation, for I will respond and help you. And then you must let that dear wife of yours come to you with her love and cheer. She is a beautiful spirit and loves you beyond any conception that you may have and you must love her.

Yes, I do love you more than you can comprehend, and you must return my love and be at one with me.

I pray with you every night when you ask me to, as you do, and I know that the Father will answer my prayers as well as yours. I know what I say and you must believe me.

So let me have your questions no matter what they will be and I will answer before you ask them.

I was never in India and Greece and those other places studying the philosophies of the Greek and Indian philosophers. I never received my knowledge from any other than my Father in my communications with Him and from the teachings of the Jewish Scriptures. I lived at home in Nazareth with my parents all the years of my life after my return from Egypt until I started on my public ministry. Neither John nor Paul ever communicated that I was in these foreign countries studying the Philosophies of the teachers they name. John never traveled with me outside of Palestine, and Paul, I never saw while on earth.

John was a man of very affectionate nature and was with me a great deal during my ministry, but he was not what was called a learned man nor was he acquainted with the philosophies of the men mentioned. He was merely the son of a lowly fisherman, and was selected by me for one of my disciples because of his susceptibility to my teachings and the great possibility for developing the love principle. So you must not believe the statements contained in that book on this subject.

Well you must stop, but remember that I am with you and love you.

Your friend and brother,