Jesus suggests that James could send the letter.

December 27th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Well my dear brother, I have read what your wife wrote you and at first thought I agreed with her for I am afraid that the person referred to is of the character that she describes.

Yet when I consider the matter I am inclined to think that it may be a wise thing to send it to him as while he may not believe that I wrote it, yet, he may find some truth in it that may set him to thinking and help him to a broader view of man’s relation to the Father. At any rate try the experiment as it can do no harm and may do some good.

I will now write you another message on a matter of utmost importance and I hope that you will be in condition to receive it.

I will not write more tonight.

Well, I am with you very often and my love is influencing you all the time and the love of the Father is flowing into your soul also. I am so glad that you feel to such an extent the importance of this work and I promise that very soon now you will be in condition to do my work as you desire and I want you to.

So continue to let your soul long for more of the Father’s love and His faith and you will find that they will come to you in increasing abundance and that you will become very happy. I will be with you and give you my love and will pray to the Father on your request, with all the faith that I have that He may answer my prayers.

So only trust and believe and you will see the glory of the Father and your own salvation to the highest.

I am with you trying to help you in every way and especially in the way of your being able very soon to lay aside your professional work and give all your attention to my work.

The happiness will come, only have faith and use your best efforts to bring about the results desired.

I will stop now but in closing I will assure you of my great love and interest in you. So with all my love, I am

Your brother and friend,