Jesus teacher with love, that Love is the greatest thing in all God’s Universe.

December 20th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I came tonight to tell you that you are in a good spiritual condition and that your soul has had a great inflowing of the Divine Love and you will realize as time goes by this Love to its fullest.

I know that you are not so very far from the Kingdom and that soon such Love will come to you as will make you a conscious child of the Father and one upon whom He has bestowed His Great Love in all its purity and splendor. So let your prayer and praise go up to the Father in continuous streams of soul longings and love and you will know that God is your Father and the One altogether Holy. I would like to write to you tonight another of my messages, but I do not think it best, as you are not just in that condition of rapport that will make it successful as you desire, but soon now I will, and you will learn more truths of which you now have no knowledge and of which the world has never heard, for even in my teachings on earth I did not teach the truths that you will receive.

Well, I will tell you that Love is the greatest thing in all God’s universe and that with its coming into the soul of a man comes peace and happiness and joy, and a knowledge that the Father is a real, existing, present Father of the most wonderful tenderness and Love.

You are in a condition that you will experience this Love to a very great degree, and the Holy Spirit is with you and is filling your soul with this Love and making you feel the influence of its presence. Oh, my dear brother, I now know that you will become my own true disciple and worker for the salvation of men, and very soon you will have given to you the great gift of inspirational talking and you will do much good in your telling mankind of the Great Love of the Father and His Wonderful Mercy. This will come to you when your condition is such as to admit its coming and when your soul is attuned to the Heavenly things that are now working to forward the revelations of the great truths.

I know just how you feel tonight, and I am with you in all my love and tenderness and am giving you the great Love that I have for the Father and that I have received from the Father. So believe in me and pray to the Father and trust in Him to the fullest, for with this trust will come faith that will make all your longings and aspirations things of real substance, as your soul will become a thing of substance in the Divine Nature of the Father.

Well, I will stop now, but I will not leave you without letting you know that you have my love and blessings in all their fullness, and the blessings of the Father. So remember that you are mine and that you are the object of my care and will always be. So good night.

Your brother spirit,