Jesus teaches about soul condition.

February 13th, 1917.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Well, I come tonight and desire to write on the subject of the soul but when I consider your condition which is much better than it has been, I desire it best to wait a while longer for as I have told you, it is necessary for you to get in the best possible receptive condition in order that you may receive my message just as I deliver it.

I know that you are anxious to receive this discourse and expect that it will contain a disclosure of mysteries that the world has so long had hidden from it and such will be the contents of the message but as a fact there are no mysteries connected with this subject for the soul is a creature of God, just as is the body and spirit, and the only reason that mankind has known of the nature and constituency of the soul is that their soul perceptions have never been developed so that they could comprehend the qualities that pertain to the soul. They have studied and conceived of the nature of the body and have assumed at some knowledge of its wonderful construction and functions and the purposes of its existence and so they have some idea of what the spirit is which is really a manifestation of the workings of the soul, and as I have before told you the active energies of the soul and even as to the spirit while they see its manifestations yet they have but a slight apprehension of what it really is, yet they necessarily have some knowledge of its workings, for the results of its activities are manifested even to their physical senses. But as to the soul they have but a very indefinite comprehension of what it really is and frequently in their conception of its qualities and functions and existence, confuse it with the mind or with the spirit and hold them to be synonymous. They know nothing of its origin and of its great possibilities and of the fact that it is the only part of man that lives forever and can become a part of the very Substance of the Father himself and hence become immortal.

That it is that which gives to man a creation and existence above the brute creation of earth and that it determines the great distinction between man and the brute creation and not reason is this determiner as men so frequently assert for reason is merely a faculty of the mind which in the event of the soul taking on the divine substance, becomes, as it were, a thing of non-existence for the faculties of the soul supplants reason that is the reason that so distinguishes man as mere man and which will continue in this spirit life to distinguish him as God’s highest creation, so long as man remains mere man even though he becomes the perfect man.

But I will not write more on this now.

I am your friend and brother,