Jesus teaches James and all of us on the Loving Nature of the Father.

November 25th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

I am with you tonight in your spiritual exaltation and will show you the love that you crave for, and will cause you to feel that the Father is very near you in his love and blessings. So you must let your thoughts go out to the Father and he will come to you with an abundance of love that will make you realize that he is your loving Father. I was with you at the Colburns and saw that your love was very great and that you needed a response and I tried to make you realize that I was with you and loved you very much.

The music was very beautiful and caused a rapport which drew us very close together, and you were very happy in the thoughts of love and peace that came to you. I am so glad that you are free from your cares tonight, as I want you to feel that the love of the Father is with you and is filling your soul so that you can realize that his love is a thing of reality and substance.

I will let you see how much you can become at one with Him, and what a joy and peace the love of the Father brings to you. So, as I say, let your thoughts turn to him and let your prayers ascend to Him and you will soon know that His kingdom is within and of you.

I am now going to tell you what a loving Father he is, and what great desire He has that you believe in Him and in His love for you.

He is not a God of wrath and anger and His only desire is that you shall love Him with all your heart, and so become so close to Him that you will know that He is the Father that I have told you of. He does not want you to let anything on earth keep you from becoming his own dear son and a follower of His truths. I know that you are now very near the place where your soul will be filled with His Love, and your faith will have such strength that never again will it be shaken by troubles or doubts.

In the near future you will be able to receive from me my messages in that condition of soul knowledge that will enable you to get them just as I desire to give them to you and so to the world.

Be more faithful in your aspirations for this love and more in condition to believe what I may write.

I am your own true friend and brother and have an interest in you that will enable you to overcome all temptations and all the worries of your earth life.

My love will strengthen you in your faith and in your realization that I am your friend and brother, and that I am able to fulfill my promises that I have made to you. Let me again impress upon you the necessity of prayer and faith and the necessity to seek continually, the help of the Father.

I must not write more tonight but will soon give you another message.

I will do so, as I think it will be more satisfactory to write it anew.

You were not in good condition when I wrote, and some things were not as clear as I desire. You will be stronger when I write again and the message will be more satisfactory. So try to obtain more faith and you will find that our writings will be more successful.

So, with all my love,

I am your friend and brother,