Jesus teaches of The Divine Love and Healing.

May 16th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I will not write a formal message tonight, but will merely tell you that I was with you tonight at the home of Mr. Morgan, and wrote what you received as purporting to come from me, and I meant that if I could establish the rapport with him I would cure him; and so I will. It depends somewhat on his having the necessary concentration and belief in me.

It may seem strange that I cannot do this unless this rapport is established, but it is a fact. There are certain laws which control the exercise of this power upon mortals which must be complied with. When on earth I could come in direct contact with the mortal by reason of my being in the flesh, and as the power was in me, or could be engendered in me by the exercise of my spiritual powers, I encountered no obstacle in the way of my exercising these powers upon the mortal. But now there is no direct contact between me and the mortal, and hence there is no means of communicating this power to him until a rapport is established.

This rapport is something more than a mere “spiritual” connection, and partakes somewhat of the material, though we are not of the material; yet the rapport must be of the nature mentioned, and the material part of it must come from the mortal himself.

Now you will understand that my relationship in such cases with the mortal is very different from what would be your relationship to him, had you this power residing in you; and when the time comes for you to receive this power, you will not need to establish any rapport between you and whomever you may be able to cure. I mean it will not be necessary for this rapport to be established by drawing from the mortal any part of the material that belongs to him: this you will have yourself, and the power will be exercised by you simply as a mortal coming in contact with him.

This power can be possessed by mortals just as my disciples and others possessed it at the time that I was on earth, and the same results may be obtained as were obtained in those days.

Well, the power that was manifested in you was somewhat of the nature that I have been speaking of, only it was a power borrowed, or conferred upon you by a spirit. It was a part of this spirit’s power, and thereby differing from that which you will receive as a part of your own self, when you shall have had that soul development and possession of the Divine Love, which are necessary prerequisites to any mortal – or spirit either – being able to receive the power.

The spirit who was trying to manifest through you and help Mr. Morgan was your own Indian guide, who is a very powerful spirit; and he drew on you very hard for the material that was necessary for him to make the manifestation. The power which he transmitted will help Mr. Morgan, and he will realize it by morning. And if you had continued for a while longer, its effects would have become seen before you left him.

I will try tonight, as I promised, to help him, and if we can form the rapport that I speak of, there will be no uncertainty as to the results. I will give especial attention to his case, as I desire to demonstrate to him that the power of the spirit world, when properly exercised, can be used to help mortals, even in their physical ills, to relieve them from their sufferings. I see that he has a very considerable faith and will make the effort to help establish this rapport, and we may succeed. At any rate, you have already helped him and he will realize it.

I will come to you soon and write you another message on an important subject, so that you may see the necessity for our working faster.

I will not write more, but will say that I love you and am with you, trying to help you. So, with my blessings, I will say good-night.

Your brother and friend,